Putting Patients First: Designing and Practicing Patient-Centered Care

ISBN: 0787964123
ISBN 13: 9780787964122
By: Susan B. Frampton Laura Gilpin

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About this book

"Putting Patients First" is a complete guide to patient-centered care -- the highly successful philosophy that has been championed and refined by the renowned Planetree Institute. This important volume explains the origins and uses of patient-centered care and provides a practical approach to implementing it in any health care organization. Step by step, the book clearly outlines the elements of the highly successful Planetree patient-centered care model and includes the validating research. This much-needed resource shows how to apply these methods to the larger issues of health care delivery such as managed care, workforce shortages, patients; "right to know" legislation, and hospital marketing and branding efforts. "Putting Patients Firs"t is filled with illustrative case examples drawn from hospitals and health care organizations that have successfully implemented the Planetree model.

Reader's Thoughts


Quite possibly the most dull, leaden book I've ever suffered through. The Planetree model has much to recommend it, but they need to find a different writer -- preferrably one with a pulse -- to tell about it.


A solid book on Patient Centered Care. The new volume on Patient Centered Care is just out, so I should read this as well.

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