Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness

ISBN: 0963188925
ISBN 13: 9780963188922
By: Peter Moon Preston B. Nichols Nina Helms

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Reader's Thoughts


Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for pyramids and time travel experimentation. An astonishing sequel to The Montauk Project and Montauk Revisited, this chapter of the legend awakens the consciousness of humanity to its ancient history and origins through the discovery of pyramids at Montauk. Their placement on sacred Native American ground opens the door to an unprecedented investigation of the mystery schools of Earth and their connection to Egypt, Atlantis, Mars and the star Sirius.Preston Nichols continues to fascinate with an update on covert operations at Montauk that includes the discovery of a nuclear particle accelerator on the Montauk base and the development of new psychotronic weapons.Pyramids of Montauk propels us far beyond the adventures of the first two books and stirs the quest for future reality and the end of time as we know it. Interesing ideas, take it with a grain of salt! :)

Gabriel Orgrease

I have met and talked with the author.

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