Queen Geeks In Love

ISBN: 0425217175
ISBN 13: 9780425217177
By: Laura Preble

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About this book

Last year, Shelby Chapelle and her friend Becca founded the Queen Geek Social Club, and set out to find others of their kind. This year, Becca has even bigger plans for the Queen Geeks. She thinks working on the club's website and planning Geekfest (a talent show of geek-tastic proportions) should be Shelby's number one priority. Guys have always been strictly secondary to the goal of spreading geekiness to every corner of Green Pines High School...and then the world! But sophomore year heats up when Shelby is swept off her feet by the karaoke stylings of a guy named Fletcher. And then Becca and another Queen Geek fall for the same guy, which results in a cursed love triangle-or a doomed love rhombus, if you count Shelby and Fletcher. The going can get tough when Queek Geeks fall in love, but Shelby knows that being true to your inner geek is the most important thing.

Reader's Thoughts


I thought this was a great book. Shelby is a fun and funky character with a complicated life. Her problems always seem to work out with lots of laughs along the way.


This book was very good i enjoyed the idea of a club made for people who felt as if they would be considered "Geeks"


Quote from WORD for Teens:This book was just as good as the first one as I've mentioned before. There weren't as many funny moments, but the emotions captured - especially Shelby's irrational confusion and fear about her commitment with Fletcher - were captured perfectly. I could relate to all the characters. The Geektastic 4 were /perfect/, and I fell in love with Fletcher all over again.To read the full review, click here.


I liked this book, but it wasn't my favorite. This book is about a girl who is struggling to be with her boyfriend or not to be with her boyfriend. She would try anything to avoid a serious conversation with her boyfriend. At last she decided to avoid her boyfriend by hiding away from him. But it doesn't work out for her. The next thing she does... I would recommend this book to whoever that likes to read novels about a inner teenager's thought. I feel connected to this book because i actually understands how she felt. For example i understand how girls don't want to look crappy in front of guys. Guys, if you want to understand more about girls, then you got to read this book. It might give you a head start on how girls think.


I found this book in the bargain bin at Borders for $4 - it was not worth even that much.As a total geek and future English teacher I thought this would be a great book to add to my classroom collection and to read for total fun.The writing was horrible, the story had very little rising or falling action - I felt no sympathy or concern for any of the characters. I really really disliked the main character. I'm not so old that I can't relate to teenagers' problems and situations, but I don't think even the most melodramatic and egotistical teenager would relate to the main geek.


Shelby keeps her feelings to herself and relationships scare her. Along with the other queen geeks in the club she's associated with, they find love in unlikely places. An artist finds another artist's soul, one is stalked by a bunny, another finds a guy at a party, and Shelby runs until she is able to see that what she wants was right in front of her the whole time.This book really surprised me, I picked it up from the library as an impulsive read. The first chapter or so when I would usually put the book down if I wasn't into it were a bit slow but I trucked on. I'm glad I did. I related so much to the main character of the book and realized that I do a lot of what she does with the guys I go out with. This book was written for a younger crowd, but it's definitely inspiring in conquering your fears and finding your "one."

Lauren Kamoda

oh man. I found this book in a discount shop awhile ago. it really wasn't that great. It honestly felt like I was reading a rather horrible fanfic. I don't feel like the characters developed, and everything was very predictable.

Elizabeth Wallace

DISAPPOINTMENT EXPRESS. I remember Queen Geek Club as being awesome, but this was cheesy and whiny. "Oh no, my best-friends-in-the-world are conflicting with my ... kind-of-boyfriend. No one's on my SIIIIIIIDE! And also, why do this amazing guy and I have to be "going steady"? Why do his kisses have to make me weak in the knees? WHY ME?" You get it. Ugh. Plus also she *happens* to have this incredibly smart talking robot with emotions who can fall in love. What? For some reason, when I was reading the last book, this slipped my notice. Cheesy... Last but not least, while a good bit of them happen to be funny, why the constant jokes? Every single paragraph we as the reader get at least one. %-P


This was cute and quirky, but had very predictable moments and a few annoying characters. I really had to make myself trudge through the beginning. Becca and Shelby really had some nails on chalkboard moments for me. Becca was very self-absorbed, bossy and demaning! Shelbly was a push-over, commitment-phobe and a little whiney. Toward the end, I felt sympathy for Shelby.... And, she got bonus points for facing her fears and having the courage to do something about her situation. I rooted for her. I crossed my fingers Fletcher would take her back!Becca, on the other hand.... Meh. Still self-absorbed, a few small redeeming bits. Not my favorite character of all time.Anywho, this is one of those books I would highly recommend for late middle/early highschool girls especially. For me, the old spinster, it was a little young. I need a tad more depth now than I did years ago. But, reading should be fun, and this was a good time. So, it's a toss up for me. 3.5 stars sounds fair ;)Sidenote: I did not read the first book "The Queen Geek Club" or whatever it's called, but I got the gist of it and don't feel like you have to read it. This is what happens when you buy books at Garden Ridge for three dollas, you don't even realize what the crap you're getting.Geek Power!


** spoiler alert ** Hmmm I didn't love the book but I did find it satisfying to read. There were times were I found the girls were so obsessed with "girly" things that they appeared to be shallow characters.I found the activities the club did kept the book moving, I felt without the new ideas every now and then the book would be nowhere. The cute little projects were fun to follow. I found it really enjoyable to follow the mystery of Becca's secret admirer. But sadly - pretty early on in the novel you could suss out who it was, just because of the features described and clues given to the readers.Euphoria was really a nice touch to the novel and made it stand out a little. I think eventually towards the end she became a little more human like and gained feelings and human like qualities. I found the ending super cute, with Fletcher coming onto stage with Shelby. It seemed so wrong when they were separated, it was clear that Shelby needed him around. It was also very clear that she never got over him.Overall a "goodread" hahaha!!


" Queen Geeks in love"is about this girl named Shelby wants to start off her year as a good student. Then a cute guy named Fletcher swept her off her feet. Now that Fletcher came along in the picture of high school, Shelby's two best friends; Becca and Amber start liking the same guy. So not only is there school year trouble but also friendship problems too.My text-to-self connection would be that last year in the beginning my best friend Amanda liked this guy. And when I saw him he asked me out. And well after Amanda found out, she didn't talk to me for a whole two weeks. This is my text-to-self connection between me and Shelby.I really liked this book. In fact I gave this book exactly 4 stars. And the reason why is because it reminds me of how I wanted to start off last year. Then instead, this guy swept me off of my feet. Just like Fletcher did to Shelby. I would recommend this book to a person who likes romantic stories.

Jennifer Wardrip

Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comLast time, in THE QUEEN GEEK SOCIAL CLUB, Shelby and her new best friend, Becca, created a group full of average girls that would try to take over the world, one Twinkie at a time. Along the way, Shelby had to get used to her dad dating, making sure her friend didn't go too far, and falling for the oh-so-adorable Fletcher. Shelby Chapelle is back, this time with even more sticky situations. Shelby and Fletcher have gotten pretty close, except for the parts where she starts to pull away or changes the subject when things get too serious. Sure, Fletcher is great, but since he is Shelby's first boyfriend, freaking out over everything that goes on between them seems like the sensible thing to do. Besides, who really wants to be affectionate in public? Their relationship could work out, just as long as Fletcher takes all of Shelby's actions with a grain of salt, and doesn't question too much on what is going on. But Shelby better watch out, since Fletcher is becoming the apple of some of the girls' eyes in her school. Who could resist a guy that is the perfect gentlemen, knows where to eat, and can sing karaoke without getting embarrassed? Boy troubles continue when Becca and Amber fall for Jon, the very cute and very artsy guy. Aside from all the love drama, the Queen Geeks are hoping to take their social club to higher levels. Becca is fancying up the website and entering it into a web contest, hoping that their club will get better and even more publicity. Then there is their Geekfest talent show where all sorts of talents, both plain and weird, can be showcased. And, of course, we can't forget about the assembling of the Geektastic Four, co-created by Jon, for the Comic Con competition. Four girls, with four superpowers. There is Smart-tastic, Organize-i-tastic, Art-tastic and Vege-tastic. The Queen Geeks are stronger than ever and here to stay. So long as the one thing they never worried about, BOYS!, doesn't take over their brains. Charming, intriguing, satisfying, hilarious, candid, attention-grabbing, witty, defining, and smart, QUEEN GEEKS IN LOVE is basically great! Every single character that we all came to love, from Shelby to Euphoria, is back and better than ever. With even more problems and the hilarious actions that go along with them, Laura Preble takes us deeper into the world of some pretty crazy girls. Who said that sequels could never be as good as the first? Let's just hope that there is a sequel for the sequel!



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