Queen of This Realm: The Tudor Queens (Queens of England, #2)

ISBN: 0609810200
ISBN 13: 9780609810200
By: Jean Plaidy

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About this book

In this "memoir" by Elizabeth I, legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy reveals the Virgin Queen as she truly was: the bewildered, motherless child of an all-powerful father; a captive in the Tower of London; a shrewd politician; a lover of the arts; and eventually, an icon of an era. It is the story of her improbable rise to power and the great triumphs of her reign -- the end of religious bloodshed, the settling of the New World, the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Brilliantly clever, a scholar with a ready wit, she was also vain, bold, and unpredictable, a queen who commanded -- and won -- absolute loyalty from those around her.But in these pages, in her own voice, Elizabeth also recounts the emotional turmoil of her life: the loneliness of power; the heartbreak of her lifelong love affair with Robert Dudley, whom she could never marry; and the terrible guilt of ordering the execution of her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots. In this unforgettable novel, Elizabeth emerges as one of the most fascinating and controversial women in history, and as England's greatest monarch.

Reader's Thoughts


The first half is better than the last. After reading this book I am more inspired by Elizabeth I's life- she truly was a ''God chosen'' queen for England. I also admire her dedication to her people and her crown, being willing to sacrifice love for a greater cause- that of her country. God bless the queen!


I have read other books by Plaidy but they were not this tedious. She managed to reduce this powerful, fascinating woman down to just her idolatry of men. I am sure that factored into her reign, but I didn't need almost 600 pages on it to the exclusion of her policies and masterful leadership.


Inhalt:Elisabeth I., geliebt, gehasst, verraten... Als 2 Tochter Heinrichs VIII. war sie nichts viel wert. Ein Sohn musste her, dafür heiratete Heinrich VIII. 6 Ehefrauen, und eine gebar ihm den gewünschten Sohn. Mit 3 Jahren als illegetim erklärt, mit 25 geliebte Königin Englands. 45 Jahre hat sie als Alleinregendin auf dem Thron Englands gesessen. Ihr leben Lang hat Elisabeth nur eine Liebe gehabt, Robert Dudley, den sie niemals heiraten darf. Elisabeth schafft es während ihrer Regendschaft, die schlimmen Erinnerungen an die Inquisition zu verbannen, aber sie konnte diese mildern. Ihr war es wichtig, Frieden im Lande zu haben, weshalb es ihr auch schwer fiel den Gerichtsbeschluss für die Hinrichtung Maria Stuard zu unterschreiben. Sie war sowieso sehr gefühlsbetont, besonders wenn es um Verwande ihrer Mutter, Anne Boylen, ging. Schönheit war ihr besonders wichtig, weshalb sie sich nur mit Frauen und Männern "geschmückt" hatte, die besonders hübsch waren. Doch ihr absoluter Liebling war ihre große Liebe, ihm verzieh sie alles. Elisabeth starb alleine in ihrem Schloß, denn all ihre Freunde und enge Vertraute starben vor ihr.Meinung:Jean Plaidy hat ein atemberaubendes Buch geschrieben. Auch wenn ich selten Zeit hatte mehr als 10 Seiten zu lesen (weil ich halb drüber eingeschlafen bin auf Grund der Uhrzeit), ich habe so gut mit Elizabeth mitfühlen können, wie sie sich gefühlt hatte unter ihrem Vater, dessen einziges Ziel es war einen männlichen Thronerben zu bekommen. Das Buch bekommt von mir 5/5 Bücher


So far, I am finding the book pretty readable...and it is not always easy for me to get through a book about Elizabeth. Phillipa Gregory is probably the only author who has written a book about her that I've been able to finish.While Plaidy is not as juicy a writer as Gregory, I find her books easy to read and educational (with a grain of historical fiction salt). From the recent publications of her Queens series, I've worked my way down from Eleanor of Acquitaine in chronological order. All of her heroines are given a distinct voice which sets their personalities apart.


This is my least favorite of Plaidy’s novels. It might just be due to the fact that I’ve read so many novels and histories about Elizabeth I that any others I read need to be truly magnificent so that they stand out from the crowd. This novel is par for the course for Plaidy- an extensive re-telling of the life of one of history’s most popular figures.It just didn’t do anything for me. I thought maybe I was getting sick of Plaidy because I’ve been reading so much of her lately, but the novel I’m reading now by Plaidy is much more to my liking. I recommend this novel to lovers of Plaidy’s novels but Elizabeth-lovers and Tudorphiles might be disappointed by it if they haven’t read it already. I’d recommend skipping it unless you’re in the mood for a light and fluffy read.


Really enjoyed this book. Jean Plaidy managed to capture the character of Elizabeth I exactly how I would imagine it. The voice Jean Plaidy gave her really made me believe in the decisions that Elizabeth I made, such as her decision to remain the Virgin Queen and refuse all marriage. Yet her narration shows her strengths and weaknesses and her incredible self-awareness of them, and her true character. Her adoration of certain young men and her admitting she knows it is truly her power and position that draws such flattery and affection is greatly written. I love all things historical, and this is one of my favourite time periods. I have read many books, historical fiction and biographical, of Elizabeth I, and I have never felt that any of the historical fiction authors have truly captured her character like Jean Plaidy.


I enjoyed this take on Elizabeth I by Jean Plaidy. A different perspective than other authors I have read and I found it plausible and highly researched. The second part of the book had a much slower and challenging pace, but overall the book kept my attention.Look forward to more Plaidy Tudor reads.

Vanessa Tillery

This is a historical fiction story about Queen Elizabeth I og England. It follows her you escapades and her fight for the crown. Elizabeth I recounts her lonliness, power, and lovelife.


I did not like the beginning of this fictional retelling of the life of Elizabeth I in her own voice. Mostly because of the realistic idiotic girl tone to it in which she primps and giggles with her servants when she's not slapping them for angering her. Luckily she grows out of it and really on the whole you'd be better off finding a good biography because that's basically how this mammoth undertaking reads, as a brief readthrough of events in the life of Queen Elizabeth I year by year. I applaud the authoress for the attempt but think trying to attack the entire reign too large a task to do justice to. So instead, no depth of character, just a recitation with a bit of exposition on crucial events like Robert Dudley marrying Lettice, Lady Suffolk. Very little insight really.


Quite honestly I didn't read the whole thing... I thought this was going to be more historical and it was written to be as historically correct as possible but the author focused on the love life of Queen Elizabeth. I didn't care to much about that I wanted to read more about the political, social things that happened during here reign. Oh well.

Sonya Wanvig

Absolutely fabulous! The best I have read of Elizabeth's life. I believe, unlike some fiction authors who have written about her, that she really was a virgin her whole life. It was a great portrait of this, the greatest ruler of history!


It was a very interesting mix of history and fiction, I found it difficult at times to know what was real and what wasn't which was neat. I got the feeling by the end of the book that I had really read a memoir of the Queen, and had to remind myself that it was indeed fiction. The bibliography list for the book is definitely a good resource in itself, if nothing else it provides a very nice chronological portrait of the political happenings of the time.


This book is awesome. I love Elizabethan History..even though it is historical fiction I feel like I can carry on a conversation about this period in history. I love all of the Jean Plaidy books I have read so far, but I especially enjoyed this one..I highly recommend it.


I do love Plaidy's historical fiction - she puts so much life into her stories. This is not to mention that her research is much more accurate than some popular authors I will not name.Queen of This Realm goes as far back as "Elizabeth" can remember in her life, the first memory being of her mother desperately trying to get the king to acknowledge her, just days before Anne's execution. As it follows along on the road of her life, you get a sense of the human behind the legendary title. She really was a fascinating person.


One of my all-time fave books on Liz 1st. I also devour anything Philippa Gregory churns out. I dare say, I loved this one better than the Gregory The Virgin Queen..gasp!Yes, it is FICTION...historical fiction. It took me a couple of chapters to get into it after reading Gregory, but it was oh so worth it.I LOVE Elizabeth, so almost anything I get my hands on about her, I usually love, so take it with a grain of salt.I found this book on a dollar pile (!) at the flea market. Jean Plaidy also had some pen names, next on my list is "Me Enemy the Queen" by Victoria Holt. (She also wrote as Philippa Carr)But, this one is so good, it is written in the first person, as if the Queen is talking to you. It ends at the end of the Queen's life. It follows her as a newcomer to the throne, a great ruler, and finally a vain and lonely old lady. It is fantastic to get inside her head!

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