Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven: A Psychic Intuitive’s Discussion of Life, Death, and What Awaits Us Beyond

ISBN: 0312241992
ISBN 13: 9780312241995
By: Char Margolis Victoria St. George

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About this book

Ever since she was a child, CharMargolis saw, heard, and felt things that were beyond the tangible, explainable world. As she became aware of her psychic gift, she realized several profound truths: we don't die, we don't have to fear death; our loved ones are waiting for us when we pass over; we can communicate and receive messages from the other side. Now, in this remarkable and inspiring book, Char tells her story and delivers, through powerful anecdotes, this message of wisdom and love.

Reader's Thoughts


This one was just for me. It was nice to read something familiar as so much of what she talks about I've already experienced. Easy reading, good insight, and simple steps anyone can try to help expand your "intuition" even though it isn't this easy.

Lindsay Greene

BORING!! She uses 20 Chapters to explain how to harness your intuition. The whole book could have been summed up in a chapter or two. It's like reading a whole book on how to make an omelette! Just awful!!

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•*

I like to read about psychics, but I like it to be in story form and this wasn't that way at all......

D.G. Kaye


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