Quintessence of Dust: The Mystical Meaning of Hamlet

ISBN: 059531337X
ISBN 13: 9780595313372
By: Kenneth K.C. Chan

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About this book

Shakespeare's "Hamlet" contains a profound spiritual message for mankind that has been largely unrecognized for centuries. The meaning of Hamlet so perplexed critics over the last four hundred years that many finally concluded, after immense struggle, that the play lacks a binding philosophy. Nothing, in fact, is more wrong. "Quintessence of Dust" now explains how Shakespeare meticulously crafted every scene to convey, through our emotional involvement in the drama, a central spiritual message. The book also explains by a single coherent theme practically every aspect of the play that has puzzled critics for centuries. It demonstrates that "Hamlet" is nothing short of an artistic miracle, reflected both in its poetic brilliance and in its profound meaning.

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