Raising the Past (Origins Edition, #2)

ISBN: 0978655117
ISBN 13: 9780978655112
By: Jeremy Robinson

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About this book

FROM THE ICE. . . A mammoth, flash frozen in solid ice 10,000 years ago is brought to the surface by a team of scientists. An act of sabotage frees the giant from its icy tomb and reveals the secret held inside. OUT OF THE MAMMOTH. . . The body of an ancient woman, cloaked in furs, slides out of the mammoth's belly. But it is not the woman that holds the team's attention...it is the object she is clutching...a device created by an advanced civilization. THE HUNT IS ON. . . The device is accidentally activated, summoning forces who seek its destruction. It is the key to mankind's salvation and freedom from the men behind the curtain, pulling the strings and leading humanity towards destruction.

Reader's Thoughts


A quick read. Loaded with cliches and pretty predictable. I got through a third of it before putting it down.


This was a good scientific thriller. Some parts where predictable but still a good read.An orginal idea for the plot. You could tell that this was on the first book of the autor.I recomed it.


An interesting startling, but not up to his other book standards. I would recommend this read, as a story that goes circles.


Gah! So disappointed...like the last Robinson book I read I was soooo into the story. It was shaping up to be a potential 5 star book for me. Then the final 75 pages or so just ruined it. The plot got ridiculous, the dialogue took a dump, and I found myself going from treasuring every sentence to skimming to get to through the painful end. Not to mention there were an amazing amount of inexcusable typos for a book that was re-edited to be called The Origins edition. Example? Chapter 3 introduces us to Eddy, the main character, and the title of the chapter is spelled "Edyy". Chapter 9 apparently doesn't exist and instead I had two chapter tens. Jeremy...how do you release something that you put your hard work into and allow it to contain so many errors? Maybe the author should relaunch these titles again for a third time with all the mistakes fixed...and while you're at it, change the ending completely. :). I'm going to give this author another shot though. The ideas and plot summaries of some of his other books sound too awesome to at least not take a gander....

Keith Bell

I've listened to Jeremy's books on podcasts in the past, my first "read" of one of his novels. Great premise and full of action but a lot of cliches in plot and action. Read this as a Kindle book and am not sure I like that the books can be re-written or corrected over time. Stephen King did the same with The Stand and in my opinion, ruined it by "updating" inconsistencies and making the story more modern. Writing is an art, editing is part of that art but after it is revealed to the public, it should be left on it's own merit. Of course, in this age of self publishing, what gets out to the public may need further editing. In the end, I do want to read more by him but will expect a little less from the story.


Wasn't one of his best books, but it was enjoyable.

Emery McCulley

2.5-3 stars.Had trouble finishing this one, but plowed through to the end.Enjoyed another arctic adventure more: The Thing.


Pretty goodI admit, I wasn't too sure about this after the first third of the book. Took a while to get going, but the second half of the book was great.


I liked the first part of the novel, but the ending kind of lost it for me. I don't need my alien invasion stories to be about good an evil.

Chris Fernandez

I really enjoyed it! Great characters in a very interesting scifi setting which explores some neat possibilities about our history. I'd definitely give it a Good Read!


Really interesting Fast paces thriller.


Exciting and frightening book concerning digging up a frozen prehistoric creature . . . which maybe, just maybe, should have been left exactly where it was. Terror, scientists, genetics, a fully alive and aware-angry-very hungry-very large animal, greedy and evil humans wanting what was "found" inside the creature . . . are a few of the delights "Raising the Past" has brought to light.I enjoyed the action, and actually felt sorry for the unearthed being. Most characters were very well written and fun to travel alongside for a time.Thrilling scenes, munchy-crunchies, and beautiful places for your enjoyment!!!Have Fun!Great read Jeremy Robinson :)

Estee Rosenberg

Not the best from Jeremy Robinson


I really enjoyed this story. It had a nice setting, believable and interesting characters. Plus the sci-fi element that you come to expect from Robinson. I enjoyed the underlined love story that ran throughout the story that was subtle, rather than in your face, like some stories. I definitely recommend giving this book a read.


This was a good story that had the potential of being much better. The plot was well developed but I had to work a little to hard suspend my disbelief in certain areas. But the story moved fast and had some pretty cool action. The premise was imaginative.

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