Reach For The Stars (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, #3)

ISBN: 0439178770
ISBN 13: 9780439178778
By: Anne Mazer

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About this book

How is Abby Hayes supposed to stand out, considering that one sister's a genius, the other one's a superathlete, and her younger brother's a child prodigy? Abby takes comfort in her journal-and that is exactly where her own special talents shine.

Reader's Thoughts


Have read twice! Read a couple weeks ago....Really good! Abby gets an amazing chance, so read on!!!


My favourite part of this book was seeing Abby acting the different characters of Peter Pan, and trying to "become" inanimate objects. She was so funny!

Michelle Kidwell

Very cute kids book, good for middle readers, I think many kids will enjoy this book!In Christs LoveMichelle~


it was probably the best out of the ones i have read


I thougt this was cool explaining!


This was a really good book and I love how much abby is like me!

Melissa Nunez

I read this book in febuary 5 , 2009 . I found this book in Ms,. Woodards new book bin .

Rosaleen Leclair

I thought this book was great. It taught me something very important. I'm loving the series so far.

Anjelica Juarez

a well done book


i love this book and it reminds me of jillian and i when we did the play alice in wonderland. And i know how people could get jelouse just like in this book.

Cici Beanz


Kris DeLabio

Series. Part journal, part story. All the adventures of Abby, her family and friends.


It was really good!!!


nice dairy type

Natalie Tulone

If you like drama then read this book.

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