Reading Faulkner’s Best Short Stories

ISBN: 1570032866
ISBN 13: 9781570032868
By: Hans Hanssen Skei William Faulkner

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Short-stories of the Nobel Prize-winning novelist.

Reader's Thoughts


Skei has selected his idea of Faulkner's twelve best short stories. This book I maybe should have put down. He doesn't discuss craft very much. He's more about interpretation of the stories and putting them in context of Faulkner's other works. It was good to be introduced to Faulkner's fiction, however. I only read the stories I found online, so I read “Barn Burning (said to be his best short story), “Dry September,” “A Rose for Emily,” and the dreaded “Spotted Horses” which was about an auction of horses to poor people who really can't afford them. Oh, and I'm going to read “That Evening Sun.” Maybe. I liked all the others I read.

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