Red Hills and Cotton: An Upcountry Memory

ISBN: 0872493067
ISBN 13: 9780872493063
By: Ben Robertson Lacy K. Ford

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About this book

A classic in the literature of nostalgia.An appreciation for the Piedmont life and culture.

Reader's Thoughts


Red Hills and Cotton is a classic must read for anyone, and especially those from the upstate South Carolina area, Mr Robertson was gone long before I was born but his legacy lives on in his writing here.


I read this book in both high school and college and could not put it down either time. It hits close to home for me, as it is about the region that I grew up in. Mr. Robertson's poetic words hit the nail on the head in describing the culture, beliefs, and history of the land he knew as home and the people he knew as friends, family, and neighbors. A must-read for any conoisseur of Southern literature.


I am grateful for the publishers at our universities, for without them we may never have treasures like Red Hills and Cotton.

Bobby Person

It was pretty interesting to read a book about the county in which I live and cities with which I am familiar. It did get a very interesting insights into the original Scots Irish settlers who's descendants have been here for 200 years.

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