Redemption of the Cannibal Woman: And Other Stories

ISBN: 0889104433
ISBN 13: 9780889104433
By: Marco Denevi Alberto Manguel

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Reader's Thoughts


This book appeared on the shelf at Book Mark Cafe, where I was working. I suspected a customer had ordered it, decided not to buy it and that we had been unable to return it to the publisher. The front cover probably intimidated the person who had been planning to buy it. I can picture him at the register. "I'm here to pick up a book. The name's Jones.""Jones? Here you are, Mr. Jones.""Thank you.""That'll be eight-seventy-nine.""Oh. Oh. Oh." [Sorry, Goodreads readers. I can't make that quotation end with a quotation mark. The result is continually ""." Let's see if """ has kept its quotation marks...Yep!]The customer leaves it on the desk and returns to his creme brulee. (Book Mark Cafe was no mere book store with a cafe. It was a full-fledged French restaurant with a book store.)Whoever has been about to ring up the book puts it in the returns box and whoever deals with returns finds we're stuck with the book and puts it in a to-be-shelved pile.I found it one day while shelving. It was a thin little book with a black and white cover which appeared to be an image from a TV screen of a homoerotic movie. Someone in the picture is about to put his money where his mouth is. It must have shocked the customer who'd been expecting a book of cutting-edge stories.It was my luck to find the book. I opened it up and read a paragraph. I realized this was the sort of writing I live for: Elegant, rather mysterious, a bit austere and dealing with moonlight.I think the publisher is Verso, but if it isn't, it looks like one of Verso's little volumes. [I've checked Goodreads. Passport Books is the publisher.] The paper is cream, the font stylishly straightforward.Marco Denevi is virtually unknown in the United States. I imagine THE REDEMPTION OF THE CANNIBAL WOMAN is hard to find. It came to me like one of those dreams where you trip over a log and your arm shoots up. You wake, but not completely, and fall into the arms of Morpheus.


Argentinian writer with many voices, much sadism. Unique stories and a small but worthy introduction by the author.


Another great Argentinian writer!

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