Relics and Omens (Dragonlance Tales of the Fifth Age, Vol. 1)

ISBN: 0786911697
ISBN 13: 9780786911691
By: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman

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About this book

Old Companions and fresh heroes. New and ever more fantastical creatures and monsters. Banished gods and lost magic. Dragon overlords are taking over the world of Krynn. The Chaos War is ending. The Fifth Age is beginning.

Reader's Thoughts

Jim C

My rating is 3.5 stars. This is one of the better collection of short stories I have read.This book is a collection of short stories that take place in the world of Dragonlance. The gods have left the world again and people are dealing with this loss as well as the loss of magic. This book deals with how people are dealing with this loss. I believe in a collection of short stories that there will be ones you enjoy and ones you will not. The hope is that the enjoyable ones outnumber the lousy ones. This book accomplishes that. There was only one story I didn't enjoy and there were several I enjoyed immensely. The stories The Cost and Island of Night are excellent stories.If you are interested in how people are reacting to the loss of gods and a way of life, I recommend this collection.

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