Rest Of The Iceberg: And Insider’s View On The World Of Sport And Celebrity

ISBN: 1592990908
ISBN 13: 9781592990900
By: Robert Smith John Wiebusch

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Reader's Thoughts


Although I am a huge sports fan, I usually couldn't care less about the personal lives or beliefs of athletes, much less want to read about them. Robert Smith is a different kind of athlete, however. He is a science enthusiast like myself and laments the lack of importance this country places on science and science education.

Paul Schulzetenberg

Not a fantastic football memoir, but also not terrible. I'm a Vikings fan, and remember well when Robert Smith was the running threat that set off the deep passing game during those great offenses of the late 90s. I always liked him as a player, and thought that he was erudite and professional. I was looking forward to reading his autobiography, as I had heard generally good things.The book failed to live up to expectations. I admire that Smith wrote this entirely himself, without a ghostwriter, and using a small press. Unfortunately, it suffers for it. The flow of the book is sometimes choppy, and it switches abruptly from topic to topic at times. The copy itself sometimes has very unprofessional typos. I can't help but feel this book could have been a lot better with a better editor, to smooth out some of the rough edges.As for the theme and content of the book, I was also disappointed. It promises an in depth examination of sports and celebrity, and I was really looking forward to reading a fresh view from an intelligent athlete. Unfortunately, Smith mostly avoids wider analysis of the league-wide or culture-wide situation, choosing to focus instead on his experiences. It's certainly interesting to read about Smith's trials and tribulations with fans and the media, but I wish that Smith had made the jump from how these things impacted his life to how they impact athletes in general. I think that Smith could have some very interesting things to say about these issues, but it's mostly missing from this book.What is left is a very basic sports memoir. As far as sports memoirs go, this is a fine effort. It's interesting, it keeps moving, and it does get the reader to both empathize with the player and find interest and understanding in the career arc of the player. What it does, it does well. I just wish it could have done more.

Dave S

Another great book about the inner workings of the NFL, how things are really solved in the locker rooms and how RS struggled to find his place in football, then walked away, smarter than the others he played with.

Trevor Waldorf

This was a very good non-fiction read! I liked it so much because it showed the life of the star running back Robert Smith and how he made it to te NFL. He also shared all of the hilarious behind the scenes moments that you didn't see while watching a game! My faorite part is when he scored a touchdown and his Teammate headbutted him and knocked his 2 front teeth out! I recomend this book for an aid sports fan.

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