ISBN: 087516076X
ISBN 13: 9780875160764
By: Neville Goddard

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About this book

Five of mystic/metaphysician Neville's major works together in a single volume; Prayer - The Art of Believing: The conditions on which prayer is answered. Feeling Is the Secret: "All you can possibly need or desire is already yours." Neville tells how this is so. Freedom for All: The Bible's buried truths reveal ways to change consciousness. Out of This World: Lays the foundation for changing the future - a "controlled waking dream." Resurrection: Biblical citations and commentary - a confession of faith in terms of experience.

Reader's Thoughts

Dave Shapiro

Only 120 pages and powerfully describes how to create the reality you want. The language used is around prayer and christianity and the message is far greater than the dogma. Powerful and transformative book.


This book was written by one of the most gifted teachers and prophets of the Twentieth Century, and it has the power to completely change the life of the reader. It was written by a man whose entire library of books deals with the creative power of imagination, and throughout this particular book he explains this power and demonstrates its use thorough experience and various stories. His message rings true to the degree that his words are more than enough to convey the spiritual truth of his message, which is that we have the power to shape our destinies through the power of thought. I have used this power in my own life to create many wonderful circumstances, and I am convinced that this book is worth its weight in gold. Review written by Eddie Coronado, author of the book titled "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets"


Great easy short book but easy to understand. I learned more in this small book than a lot if the ones that are dragged on.

Eurydice Caldwell

Gives a greater depth of understanding to ones life if one is at a point where they are brave enough to look.

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