Rethinking the Fifth Discipline: Learning Within the Unknowable

ISBN: 0415185300
ISBN 13: 9780415185301
By: Robert Lo Flood Lo Flood Robert

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About this book

'Fifth Discipline' is one of the very few approaches to management that has attained position on the International Hall of Fame. Professor Flood's book explains and critiques the ideas in straight forward terms. This book makes significant and fundamental improvements to the core discipline - systemic thinking. It establishes crucial developments in systemic thinking in the context of the learning organisation, including creativity and organisational transformation. It is therefore a very important text for strategic planners, organisational change agents and consultants.The main features of the book include: * a review and critique of 'Fifth Discipline' and systemic thinking* an introduction to the gurus of systemic thinking - Senge, Bertalanffy, Beer, Ackoff, Checkland, and Churchman*a redefinition of management through systemic thinking*a guide to choosing, implementing and evaluating improvement strategies*Practical illustrations.Robert Flood is a renowned and authoritative expert in the field of management. He has implemented systemic management in a wide range of organisations in many continents and lectured by invitation in 25 countries, including Japan and the USA. Professor Flood has featured on many radio and TV programs. His book Beyond TQM was nominated for the 'IMC Management Book of the Year 1993'.

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