Reunited (The Mighty Quinns, #4)

ISBN: 0373835159
ISBN 13: 9780373835157
By: Kate Hoffmann

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Boston Contemporary Contemporary Romance Currently Reading Ebook Fiction New York Romance To Read To Read Series

About this book

Based on her miniseries The Mighty Quinns, Hoffmann presents this story of Keely McClain Quinn, who, after growing up as an only child, learns she has a father and six older brothers. Determined to find out what happened long ago, she checks out her long-lost relations incognito and finds a family--and a lover.

Reader's Thoughts

Isis FG

I grabbed this one off Mt TBR because it's been there for quite a while and because I' been in a mood for contemporary romance lately. This sounded like it was going to be a good family story, but I ended up rather disappointed it how it all played out. The book wasn't really what I expected at all. Not saying it was bad, exactly, I just wanted a different type of story.Series Note:This is part of a series...but I haven't read the others and I'd say this one can be read as a standable (though I am curious about the other characters....)Summary:Keely McClain grew up as the slightly rebellious daughter of a very Catholic single mom. Keely was always asking questions about her deceased father, wanting to know more. Which is why she's shocked to find out years later that not only is her dad alive, but that she has six brothers. Despite her Mom's pleas to leave it alone, Keely goes to Boston to find out more about her family. She'll secretly check them out first, then reveal her identity.On her first night in Boston, she meets sexy, charming Rafe Kendrick. It isn't long before the two fall into bed. But what Keely doesn't know is that Rafe is seeking revenge against Keely's father and has set a plan in motion to destroy him. His involvement with Keely makes him think, twice though. The two have a lot in their way, though, before they can be together.Review:I was expecting this to be a good family reunion story, lots of hugging, talking, getting to know each other and all that. That's what I really wanted to read. And you get almost none of it in the book. This book is pretty much solely focused on the romance...despite the fact that it's called "reunited" because Keely is reuniting with her long lost family.I was annoyed by that. Throughout most of the book I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting for Keely to tell them, for the family to reunite and it kept getting put off. Then when the reunion finally happens, it comes off very weird and awkward. The weirdest part was when Keely's brothers see their mom for the first time she since abandoned them and they act like it's a plain old homecoming. It was ridiculous that there wasn't any anger. It made the whole scene unbelievable. And after the reunion, you don't really get any getting to know each other scenes or stuff like that. It was really very disappointing.The romance was okay. A little spicy, a little sweet. I thought both characters acted like total blockheads at times. I supposed I ended up not all that excited about the romance because the rest of the story was such a total disappointment. The romance basically just totally over took this family reunion story and left it feeling rather flat. I was hoping for so much more. Oh well.

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