Rich Dad, Poor Dad 2: Cash Flow Quadrant – Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

ISBN: 0751532800
ISBN 13: 9780751532807
By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Reader's Thoughts

Geetha Gopakumar

Was interesting in the beginning.. But towards the end I felt it had lot of repetition.. May be this is not a book for me...

Peter Finnie

Follow up to Rich Dad, Poor Dad.Another must read!

Novalini Jailani

good book

Hadi Servat

كتاب خوبي بود، با اينكه چيز جديدي نشبت به كتاب قبل نداشت اما نصيحت هاي پدرانه خوبي داشت كه تكرارشون خالي از لطف نيست، بعد از خوندن اين كتاب انگيزه زيادي براي سرمايه دار شدن دارم

Paul Stonge

interesting makes u think


Worst personal finance author EVER.


Great business book! I wouldn't read it twice, but definitely a book all business owners and entrepreneurs should read!


Nice encore to Rich Dad Poor Dad , if you enjoyed the first one you will get a great depth of good information and wisdom in this one too.Waseem


I read this book because it was so popular and selling very well in Japan.After reading this, I started thinking about financial literacy.

Andy Wirawan

Learn about how to set up your mind about business and employ

Kenny Merang


Karen Price

just save your money and make it work for you........Basic but good. A wealthy person in assets wont necessarily show off about it with depreciating assets like glossy new cars........



Käth Zinovjev

** spoiler alert ** Educational.

Kurtis Smith

This book is dense in knowledge, I dare you to find another book that's informative power per page is greater.

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