Rich Dad Poor Dad Classics – Boxed Set

ISBN: 1586211676
ISBN 13: 9781586211677
By: Robert T. Kiyosaki Sharon L. Lechter

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Reader's Thoughts


creating wealth is a mindset, established by early influences in life, not a function of how much money one earns. wealth is determined by financial statements (net wealth) rather than annual income.


OK, wish I could actually apply the principles and get rich now!


I cant remember what I rated this book, so I'l give it 5 stars, anything better i'd would have remembered, just migrating my list / bookshelf from that idiot service 'weread' that doesnt work anymore...but anyways...hope to connect with fellow readers :)Waseem

Jeff Wilson

so so. I'm not crazy about real estate but I did venture into an apartment partially due to this book. There are some really good points that I've tried to incorporate into my life.

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