Richard Kennedy: Collected Stories

ISBN: 0060232560
ISBN 13: 9780060232566
By: Richard Kennady Marcia Sewall

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About this book

A collection of Richard Kennedy's stories, including "The Porcelain Man", "Come Again In The Spring", and "Inside My Feet".

Reader's Thoughts


Richard Kennedy's stories are the best!! These are really modern fairy tales, simple and strange and evocative. One, called "Inside My Feet," was the pinnacle scary story of my childhood.

Karen Saunders

Two of the stories are especially good class read alouds - thought-provoking and making for great discussion. 'The Lost Kingdom of Karnica' was the focus of a great analytical discussion last week among my fifth grade students. It's also fun to read, with all the muckle-muckle absurdity of the king's greed. "Come Again in the Spring" is sweet and heartwarming.


My father bought this book for me as a child and we read many of the stories together as I was learning to read longer books and stories. It is a collection of 16 short stories including two narrative poems. Some of them are fables some of them are serious some of them are serious. There was even one that I remember never wanting to read at night because it sort of scared me. Richard Kennedy is a brilliant story teller. I have been able to pull this book off the shelf many times over the years and have continued to enjoy the stories even as an adult.

Laura Hall

This is one of my favorite short story books. I read these over and over as a kid and recently have been reading them to my own kids.

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