Rock This!

ISBN: 0786885602
ISBN 13: 9780786885602
By: Chris Rock

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About this book

The National Bestseller--now in trade paperback! From today's hottest stand-up comic--heir to Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and known for his Emmy Award-winning HBO Specials and The Chris Rock Show--comes this edgy, no-holds-barred humor book about race, relationships, and politics.

Reader's Thoughts

Rhodesia Jackson

This book had me crying with laughter. It was funny in 2002.


Rock ThisChris Rock242pgsHyperion0-7868-8941-1This is a hilarious and extreme book created by Chris Rock, a well-known comedian. Chris Rock explores all the usual issues and taboo issues of America such as our prison system, racism, government, economy, drrug problem,e.t.c. While he's talking about these issues, he cracks jokes that would make even the most serious person laugh. He takes a lot of shots at O.J. and the possibility of a black leader, but most of his jokes are varied.Even thought Chris Rock is silly most of the time, he puts up some good points like: the prison system of America isn't tough enough, racism is present most of the time, and our government doesn't do enough to help out the needy.Chris Rock exagerates most of the issues to make a good joke, but he ties all to one main theme: Life is full of many hardships and anything that is derogoratory to people makes it even worse.This book may be conteversial and too much for some people to handle, but in the end you learn from someone else's point of view and laugh in the process. Read this book and learn to poke fun at some of the ridiculus things that happen in our nation.

Tamara Evans

When I first bought this book, I didn't really give it a chance and ended up giving it away.However, once I did read it, I felt like a moron for letting such a funny and insightful book go to waste.In Rock This, Chris Rock leaves no stone unturned as he examines various topics from race relations to dating. The reason why I like this book so much is because Chris Rock doesn't just make fun of certain things but instead, he jokes about everything. Also,I agree with a lot of topics that he brings up in this book. The one thing that sets this book apart from others like it is that the author also makes fun of himself. Within the course of this book,Rock talks about how he dropped out of high school and got a G.E.D. which he says stands for a "good enough diploma." By making fun of himself as well as other topics, the reader realizes that Chris Rock is flawed just like anybody else. Probably the best thing about this book is how well the book relates to the reader. As for me, I loved this book. Not only did I fully relate to what the author was saying but also, I came away with more insight and a deeper understanding about people. So, for anyone who wants to read a extremely funny book, this is the one for you.

Alyanna Jesoro

What I love about this book is the honesty. Which is also funny with the way Chris Rock delivers it. Racism is a tough subject to broach but here it came and went without being insulting. It's just plain funny. I would love to read it again and again just to view both sides of racism and understand why society has those stereotypes. All in all a great read.

Chris Clark

Rock really knocks white people here. And I totally agree. I'm a bowler, and I would never trust a white bowling ball. Those pins are white for a reason: they're symbolic of the black man's struggle. Often, when I see a white person walking down the street, I just can't help accosting him: "Go back to Europe, you snob!" So I'm about to take my own advice. I'm moving to Stockholm.

Mitch Romig

I was disappointed that large portions of this are basically a transcription of his act from this time. That said, it was a really great act and is still entertaining to read.


the thing is, rock is just way funnier to hear than in print. i wish the book was funnier, but it his stuff just doesn't translate to the page as well....


Usually I don't ask for autographs, but my wife was or is a major fan of his. To study English, she's Japanese, and read this book. Odd woman my wife. She studied English by watching Beevis and Buthead, Green Acres, Absolutely Fab, and reading this book. So yes her English is all the above.Anyway I was at the bookstore and asked Rock to sign all his books that we had in stock. He signed each one "Love, Chris Rock." When I asked him to sign a book for my wife he wrote "Smoke Crack, Chris Rock.'The thing is Lun*na, my wife, liked to act out the routines in this book. And the book is hysterical. Reading it, you can hear Rock's voice. Come to think of it I just gave this book four stars - it's really five stars!


This book talks about Chris Rock's history and he became famous, and his life as a Comedian. I chose to read this book, because i used to watch "Everybody Hates Chris". I also learned a lot more about Comedians. it is very difficult being one and it takes talent.


This is a funny book. Chris Rock invites us into his world.


Here's the feedback for this. This book is the exact same material he covers on his stand-up CDs (almost down to the exact word). It was a waste of time for me. Unoriginal.


I registered a book at!


Frikkin HEEEEEEEEEEEE-Larious! I read the entire book standing in a barnes and noble. LoL! Could'nt put it down.

Angela Zhu

I am aware that this is not good literature, but it /is/ highly entertaining.


One of the funniest book I've read in a while. His description of how the drug war's laughably flawed strategy is hysterical. How many drug dealers complain about their inability to move product, and become vaccuum cleaner salespeople as a result?

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