Ruby Ann’s Down Home Trailer Park BBQin’ Cookbook

ISBN: 0806525363
ISBN 13: 9780806525365
By: Ruby Ann Boxcar Ruby Boxcar

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Cooking Humor Non Fiction To Read

Reader's Thoughts


I met Ruby Ann at the Book Expo in Los Angeles a few years back and I've been hooked ever since. More than a cookbook, this book follows the ongoing saga of the lives of the denizens of the High Chaparral Trailer Park in Pangburn, Arkansas. Ruby Ann covers everything from tools ("from hibachis perfect for a tailgatin' party to a grill so big you need state approval just to turn the propane handle") to safety ("folks, you got a fire burnin' in your front yard, so don't drink while you're BBQin'....there's a reason Momma Ballzak wears a wig and it ain't for fashion.")Recipes range from comical and probably barely edible (Harland's Shriveled Wienie Bake, Me-Ma's Corn Bread Secret) to real recipes for some real BBQ (Pastor Ida May Bee's Bible Belt Brisket).Overall, a fun and readable romp that will leave you with a craving for BBQ and a hankering for more Ruby Ann.As Ruby Ann says, "Nothin' says God Bless America like a big old BBQ. There's just something special about a slab of meat bein' cooked to a cinder on a backyard grill that brings tears to my eyes."


More of the great Ruby Ann's stories and recipies, this time all about the BBQ's.There is also a chapter in the back with some good tips and some funny one's as well.

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