Running Through Fire: How I Survived the Holocaust

ISBN: 1562791281
ISBN 13: 9781562791285
By: Zosia Goldberg Hilton Obenzinger Paul Auster

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About this book

Cultural Studies. Jewish studies. As told to Hilton Obenziger, with an introduction by Paul Auster. RUNNING THROUGH FIRE is the story of Zosia Goldberg and her incredible survival during the time of the Holocaust. Her story features resistance at every turn, narrow escapes, and help from the most unlikely sources. At times suffering bitter betrayals by fellow Jews, she also encountered unexpected sympathies from some Nazis themselves. Zosia's story is as much a chronicle of the Holocaust as it is everywoman's struggle against human folly and depravity. "RUNNING THROUGH FIRE is a book filled with unspeakable horrors--but it is told wihtout a shred of self-pity. Zosia Goldberg never complains, never bemoans her lot. She battles and endures, and in this raw, unvarnished tale of human suffering, she has given us a manual of hope"--Paul Auster.

Reader's Thoughts


This was an amazing story of how a polish jewish woman survived WWII through her exceptional language capabilities, and her quick wit. She escaped the Warsaw Ghetto with her mother and they passed themselves off as Polish peasants. She worked various jobs, including as a maid for some Nazi officials. She eventually got herself caught on purpose and sent as a polish slave into Germany, as she determined that they would be less likely to look for Jews there. God spared her life many times, even when it looked hopeless. She and her mother were the only survivors of her family, with the exceptions of her sister who had went to America.

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