Sadhana, a Way to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern Form

ISBN: 0764801708
ISBN 13: 9780764801709
By: Anthony de Mello Thomas Moore

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Reader's Thoughts


A way for the Christian seeker to practice and affirm a personal spiritual meditation. A model based on an Eastern tradition, to engender a contemplative inner state and lasting simplicity. The author, Anthony de Mello, S.J. gives to his readers, a rich history to the contemplative process that adopts from the Hindu tradtion to his Christian faith. He offers the reader a place to integrate and come to synthesis an easy step by step process to journey, and widen one's depth in the spiritual practice.

Mark LaPorta

Important esoteric practices that have useful practicla appplication in ordinary life. Takes work and preparation.


A series of spiritual exercises that fit well into a contemplative and/or centering prayer practice. This is a book not just to read through, but to savor and to use slowly time and time again, as one draws water from an artisan well. This is a book of reference; one to acquire and use as a guide. A must have!


I love Anthony de Mello's challenges, the way he thrusts ideas in your face and tells you to take it or leave it. One can't cling to safe old beliefs in his presence. He doesn't care whether you listen or not. It's up to you to take what you want and discard the rest. As a matter of fact he tells you to junk it when you've reached that point of inner silence where God dwells. Sadhana is a step by step introduction to silence. The final section of the book contains exercises that include religious sentiments for those who remain uneasy in the Dark Night.


Another one I have read and experienced over and over!


la mia edizione è quella dei miti mondadori

Emlyn Lewis

This has to be the best meditation book out there. No blabbery pages, straight to the point, short easy to understand exercises with heart

Kusnady dharmawan

...difficult...only easy to read...

Ms. S...........

a wonderful amalgam of East/West practices to get you closer to God


de Mello masterfully links eastern meditation forms to western Christian forms of prayer, and includes many simple exercises for doing them. Blew my mind when I was 15... still great.

♥ Ibrahim ♥

A Christian might see the word "sadhana" and back off and whisper, "Goodness gracious, what do I have to do with this Hindu stuff?" Well, Don't let this word intimidate you, please because the goal here is not to become a Hindu but to connect with your Lord and King and enjoy resting in Him. Don't we all hope for this magical pill that we just take in and lo and behold we are prayer warriors? Well, prayer is "getting into" God and letting Him get into us but first we have to shush. Look at them in the mall and in grocery stores. Everybody is wired and is not aware that you even exist. This book is here to tell you that in order to enjoy God the first step is to experience silence. Silence here is not to close your mouth and not say anything but rather it is let everything in us actually calm down, thus applying what we have always been singing, "Be still, my soul." Okay, okay, but how do I get into silence? How do I become still? Well, this is exercise # 1. And to be aware of people in the mall and not walk like a drugged person, this is the first part of the book. You read this and soak it in and ask yourself how you can actually incorporate this into your life, minute by minute. He also talks about God in the breath and the touch of God and the sweet taste of Him. Isn't that what it is to experience God and be aware of His presence as we cut up the onion and eat our oatmeal? Thank you, Lord, I take you in and I receive You in my life today. Please come and reign. You are my King. If you go to google search and type "sadhana a way to god pdf" you will be able to download a pdf free copy of so you can refer to it here and there. I have the paper copy and they identically match.

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