Sailing Fundamentals

ISBN: 0743273087
ISBN 13: 9780743273084
By: Gary Jobson Marti Betz

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About this book

With over 150 line drawings and photographs, and clear, detailed coursework covering every aspect of beginning sailing—from hoisting sail to docking and anchoring—Sailing Fundamentals is the authoritative text designed to prepare the learning sailor for certification according to international standards.Written by America’s foremost instructional authority, the new edition of Sailing Fundamentals is the official learn-to-sail manual of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Sailing Fundamentals is also used in the programs of yacht clubs, colleges, and sailing groups around the country. Unlike many sailing books, which can reflect the biases and idiosyncrasies of their authors, this book has been extensively pretested to ensure that it offers the fastest, easiest, most systematic way to learn basic sailing and coastal cruising. Widely acclaimed author Gary Jobson has won several major races, including the 1977 America’s Cup victory as tactician aboard Courageous. He was head sailing coach at the US Naval Academy, and has conducted sailing clinics across the country.

Reader's Thoughts

Marcus Shibaba

Would you hop in a plane with a wannabe pilot who read "Flying Fundamentals"?I would to.Wanna go sailing?


I've read many books about the fundamentals of sailing but none as good as this. Sailing Fundamentals is the book I used to get my ASA (American Sailing Association) certification, and I make sure to share it with new sailors. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in learning to sail read this book.

Gordon Francisco

A gift from my favorite uncle, Uncle Jack, who introduced me to sailing when I was a late teen and shared with me his love of the sea, sailing, sky and all things nautical. I love you Uncle Jack and miss you each time we push off from the dock and start anew another sail, just wish you could be aboard.


I have learned that I don't know anything about knots.


book is ok, a bit dry, it was free with my sailing class. Like "The Complete Sailor" better.


So far, so good! -- Good illustrations for 1st-timers..


Tells you what you really need to know...fundamentally. Get it when you take the ASA 101 class.


going to take sailing lessons this summer and I should probably know more than absolutely nothing about it before i do

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