Salmon Doubts

ISBN: 1891867717
ISBN 13: 9781891867712
By: Adam Sacks

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2006 Animals Comics Comix Fiction Graphic Novel Graphic Novels Graphic Novels And Comics Graphicnovel To Read

About this book

Beautifully illustrated and deeply imaginative, the cast of conversing fish in Salmon Doubts philosophize about the meaning of life as they make their ultimate journey upstream to spawn. With lushly-rendered artwork, uproarious humor, intricately imagined settings, and striking, inventive page layouts, Adam Sacks envelops readers with his genius. The characters in Salmon Doubts fall outside the conventions of the "funny animal" or "anthropomorphic" comics genres - they look like animals, and do not wear little waistcoats or drive little automobiles. But saddled with the full weight of consciousness and speech, they testify just as much to the Human Condition as to Natural Selection.

Reader's Thoughts


Im not really sure what this book is trying to get back. It seems to me that being different is good, ans challenging the norm results in great adventure. Oh, and if you are a sperm, you need to be confidant to make a baby salmon...


Simple, moving, beautiful allegory with gorgeous drawings.

Lauren Naylor

Loved it


They do all look alike. Henry, tho', is the doofus salmon, while his friend, Geoff, swims his own course. They run up against Louis, the lead salmon, and Henry tries to make time with Samantha. It turns out that Henry's sperm is as much a doofus as he is. Heh!

lucy by the sea

I liked this. It is a cute and interesting short read. It sort of felt like a music video.

Kelsey Moak

A funny (but also a little sad) short about the simple lives of salmon.


Nothing profound. Worth a read.


Funny and silly.

Emilia P

Salmon Doubts, you were fine, I didn't hate you. But I wanted to learn about salmon, and not about men (and ladies I guess) in general. Silly me, wanting to get educated. But it looked good, it's true. Just in the grand scheme of this comix binge it was a weaker one.


Pretty, but fairly useless.


this was adorable! i picked it up because the title was close enough to douglas adams' the salmon of doubt that i figured it must be intentional and the author must therefore have good taste, at least. it's a graphic novel about the socially inept young salmon, henry, and his friend, geoff, who thinks there might be more to life than spawning. i thought it was just going to be cute, but it was a very poignant story about the meaning of life. read an excerpt here.


Uses the lifecycle of the salmon to explore life choice (for humans). A pair of salmon make friends and one follows the traditional path, and one chooses to skip the long hard road to spawn. Simple, nice. Well illustrated. Didn't get me excited, but definitely an interesting read.

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