ISBN: 1558585486
ISBN 13: 9781558585485
By: Marcus Pfister Jose Moreno

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About this book

Even though he doesn't like the cold snow, Hopper, a little hare, enjoys playing with a friend and the adventure of searching for food with his mother.

Reader's Thoughts


...well of course i would love this series by this author....RABBITS, HASEN....more than the story the illustrations are simple stunning least to each and every one in the series...dreamy...want to be a kid again....


What a strange book. As a character, Hopper is not especially appealing, what with his constant whining and complaining. Although I liked the ethereal watercolor backgrounds, the artist couldn’t seem to make up his mind whether he wanted to draw realistic or cartoonish animals. An image of a swooping hawk, for example, is just atrociously bad.


This book helped us write stories about times when our parents helped us learn something new.

Sara Larson

Genre:Modern fantasy/Picture bookAge: 5 and upSummary: Hopper is a book about a young hare named Hopper. Hopper is just learning the ways of the woods. As the two travel through the forest, Hopper's mother points out the dangers they face and she teaches Hopper how to be safe in the wilderness. Reflection: I liked the illustrations in this book. The bunnies were cute.

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