Saturday Night (Saturday Night, #1)

ISBN: 0590457845
ISBN 13: 9780590457842
By: Caroline B. Cooney

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About this book

This was no ordinary Saturday night.Five girls. They couldn't have been more different, but they shared a common dream - a perfect Saturday night at the Autumn Leaves Dance. For each of them, the night meant something different: It was a chance to be beautiful - or dangerous; it was a time to reveal a secret, to even a score, or to fall in love.Of course their paths crossed. And for some, their dreams came true. But none of them could have guessed the surprises the night would hold - surprises that would change their lives. Because for Beth, Anne, Molly, Emily, and Kip, nothing would be the same after Saturday Night.

Reader's Thoughts


Some of my fondest memories of being a pre-teen and teenager revolve around books. Goodness, I wish I would have saved them all. Now some of them are going for a pretty high price online (and falling apart). Saturday Night first released in 1986. I was in 5th or 6th grade. I had discovered boys. I have no idea where I came to own this book. I do know that I read it over and over and over again. The stories of these four girls (five if you count evil Molly) dressing up and attending a huge dance really captured me. I was Beth Rose, I feared. The girl without a date who wanted to wear the beautiful dress so much that she went alone. No, I was Kip, a natural leader. She planned the entire dance and then found herself dateless and staying home...until a last minute guy she hardly knew invited her. I knew I wasn't Anne, the gorgeous blond who had a dream life. Weathly, spoiled but kind...with a hot and popular steady boyfriend Con. But my favorite was Emily, a plain, quiet girl who had recently met the boy of her dreams. Matt brought out all the best in Emily and he made her happy when her family didn't.The book takes place during the evening of one formal school dance. Anne is carrying a secret that will ruin her image and perhaps life forever. Kip is trying to put up with a lousy date just to see the fruits of her labor in planning the dance. Beth Rose, always the wallflower, meets a handsome popular boy who is there alone too. And Emily and Matthew may not make it to the dance at all.I don't really know why I was so enchanted by this book. I do know, reading it years later, I was still enchanted. Maybe I was just enchanted by the memory of how enchanted I used to be, I don't know for sure. I could definitely see the books flaws this time around. But they weren't many after all this time. I thought the outdated references were hysterical though. One of the girls has to wait in line for a pay phone! Beth Rose's great aunt should be dead by now if she was born when Saturday Night says she was. Still I loved this one and I am so grateful they didn't change a thing. I remember when the Sweet Valley High series re-released a few years back and changed all of the outdated fashions and technology. It made the books lose something. But here is Saturday Night in all its 1980's glory. And the stories about these girls are simply timeless.

Minty McBunny

I was a young teen when this book came out and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Caroline Cooney, for all that she wrote a lot of lighthearted fluff, is a master of dialogue, her books are always shot through with witty quips and memorable turns of phrase. Despite the fact that I can recite passages from this book by heart, it's been ages since I actually sat down and read it. The 80s fashion details are glorious, I really dislike how current trends are to leave out fashion in order to render to books timeless, to me part of the enjoyment of a book written on a certain era (as opposed to set there after the fact) is the genuine descriptions of what is au courant at the moment. This book has all the romance, high school drama and genuine heroes one could once, plus our perennial bad girl Molly, who readers love to hate. This book is an inextricable part of my youth, so I can't judge it fairly, but it's definitely a winner as far as I'm concerned.


Classic Caroline B Cooney. Really enjoyable.


I read this series a million years ago when I was teen, and I don't know if it's because I have such fond memories of these books, or if they've withstood the test of time, but I really loved re-reading this first book. They're now ebooks and they were the only thing I bought on Black Friday. Kip, Beth Rose, Emily, Anne and Molly are characters that I suspect I will think I really knew once I get senile, and I'm perfectly okay with that. :)

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