Secrets of Angels and Demons

ISBN: 1593153589
ISBN 13: 9781593153588
By: Dan Burstein David A. Shugarts Arne de Keijzer Arne Dekeijzer

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About this book

Explore the Vatican's darkest secrets. Enter the closed chambers of the papal selection process. Probe the little-known historical mysteries of Rome and the symbolism of Bernini's architecture and sculpture. Join the debate between religion and science that has been raging since the Church tried to silence Galileo. Discover the truth about the Illuminati. ...all powerful themes in this unauthorized guide to the prequel to the bestselling novel of our era, The Da Vinci Code.

Reader's Thoughts


Ok, so I thought the way he organized this book was dumb. There were things I just wanted to fact check...I didn't want to read a freakin' essay on something random and repeated to find that one speck! But then there was good stuff in it too about the history of Rome which holds a special place in my heart. Viva Italia!

David Fraser

Not your everyday kind of book. Essay type of reading. Started out fascinating but really DRY as I continued on.

Mike Carey

Very entertaining

Alexandria Anthony

We all knew A&D was fiction. I just wasn't expecting it to be that fictional.

Adih Respati

In Angels and Demons: The Papal elections is filled with procedural inaccuracies; The Vatican Secret Archives is probably not that off-limit; One of the scene of the crime is inconsistent with the real map of Italy; The super jet is experience is hoax; last but not least, Brown's prose is inappropriately hiperbolic.But I would read the novel again, three years from now, just for the kick of it.


Honestly, I am a fan of Dan Brown.HUGE fan!When the movie of "the DaVinci code" came out, everyone was so frustrated about the story.When "Angels and Demons" movie came out, the same thing happenned!And these books where EVERYWHERE!!!I didn't enjoy reading it so much because the writing was not that good for me, but I learned a lot, that's for sure!I just get angry because everytime Dan Brown publishes a book, EVERYONE says "oh, that is not true, this is sh*t!!!*laugh*" Well OF COURSE IT IS NOT TRUE! IT IS FICTION!!! SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND READ IT!!! -_-

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