Secrets of the Alchemist Dar (A Treasure’s Trove)

ISBN: 0976061880
ISBN 13: 9780976061885
By: Michael Stadther

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About this book

Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, the sequel to the New York Times bestselling A Treasure's Trove, is a fantasy story about Dark and Good Fairies, spells and eclipses, and Michael Stadther's signature characters: Zac the handsome woodcarver, Ana his beautiful half-elf half human wife, and their trusty doth, Pook.The story is also about the evil Alchemist Dar who wants his Dark Fairies to live forever; to do this he must steal the Good Fairies' Rings of Fairy Life. Using the mysterious Book of Dark Spells, Dar kills the Good Fairies and captures the rings. The mystery begins with clues concealed in the pages of this book that will give anyone anywhere in the world who can read English a chance to solve the clues and obtain one of the one hundred real diamond rings valued together at more than US $2 million.Armchair adventurers will discover the treasure-hunting experience of a lifetime, andfamilies will enjoy hours of reading together.

Reader's Thoughts


I liked this book kinda too girly ish. Cause it is like fairytale.

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