Selected Poems and Two Plays

ISBN: 0020715404
ISBN 13: 9780020715405
By: W.B. Yeats

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Reader's Thoughts


I enjoy Yeats, always have. And, of course, the more I learn of his history and the socio-political environment in which he composed the greater appreciation I have.


My rating is more for the anthology than Yeats' poetry. It's hard to give a fair assessment when so many poems are clearly divorced from their contextualizing poem companions.


As with any poetry, I read this when in the mood. I have a few of his pieces already....I think I want to mull some thoughts around a little more before I write a complete review of this collection


A selection from one of the finest poets of the twentieth century. Yeats writes about Irish myth, contemporary Irish politics, morality, the relation of art to life, and, in his later work, poems based on a personal mythological system. These latter, including “The Second Coming,” “Sailing to Byzantium” and “Byzantium,” along with poems like “The Circus Animals’ Desertion” and “Lapis Lazuli,” are among his best.


I'll not deny that Yeats is a great poet, but I will say that a lot of his work went way over my head. As such, I would have appreciated a volume that helped me to decode his work more than this did. That said, this appears to be a fairly comprehensive overview and introduction to the famous poet's work.

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