Sentinels (Nameless Detective, #23)

ISBN: 0786710144
ISBN 13: 9780786710140
By: Bill Pronzini

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About this book

A "worried mother" job takes "Nameless" to a California backwater, where college student Allison McDowell has disappeared with her mysterious new boyfriend on a drive from Oregon to San Francisco. And behind a simple missing-persons case lies a sinister—and deadly—conspiracy. "'Nameless' is a good man to walk you through the noir landscape."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review "'Nameless' has become an American treasure.... A stunning and unique achievement in crime fiction."—Booklist "One of the best in the mystery-suspense field is Bill Pronzini."—Washington Post

Reader's Thoughts


Set in Modoc and Lassen Counties this is a single plot thriller that becomes a quest for Nameless. You know from the beginning this is not going to end happy. Two college students on the way home to the Bay Area from the University of Oregon never come home. The mother of one the students hires Nameless to find her and so begins a long road trip up and down US 395 where all he encounters are hostile, insular people who are obviously hiding something.


Short book, but a good story. Nameless is searching for what happened to two college students who were driving home from Oregon and disappeared. The kicker is the very end of the book, in the last paragraph. Unrelated to the main story line but essential for the back story of the people in his life. Have to start the next book right away to see where this goes!


Another good story by Pronzini with the Nameless Detective. This book takes place in the northeastern part of California, a less populated part of the state with small towns that don't welcome strangers. Nameless is looking for a missing young woman at the request of her mother. The intrigue keeps the reader's attention. There is more violence than in many of the other Nameless books, but not more than he can handle. I'm looking forward to the next adventure.


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Carol Dawson

Could not put this one down.


Old style detective series with excellent writing, plots and characters throughout

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