Serious Games

ISBN: 0819161489
ISBN 13: 9780819161482
By: Clark C. Abt

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About this book

The author explores the ways in which games can be used to instruct and inform as well as provide pleasure. He uses innovative approaches to problem solving through individualized game techniques. Topics include: improving education with games; educational games for the physical and social sciences; games for the learning disadvantaged; games for occupational choice and training; games for planning and problem solving in government and industry; and the future of serious games. This book was originally published in 1970 by Viking Press.

Reader's Thoughts

Ronald Wise

A short analysis of the use of role-playing games in educational, political, and business settings. Abt is a psychologist who had worked in the defense industry devising warfare strategy games. He became disillusioned with that and started a foundation to pursue the use of games for more benign purposes. About as dry as a psych text book, but with some interesting points. I bought and read this book in the mid-1970s when I was planning to buy every self-help book in my neighborhood bookstore alphabetically by author — This was the second one.

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