Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth

ISBN: 0883686406
ISBN 13: 9780883686409
By: David Wilkerson

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About this book

Like the trumpet that warned ancient people of approaching dangers and armies, David Wilkerson calls attention to the insidious sins and compromises of our nation that may lead to the swift judgment of God. But he also brings a message of courage and comfort--a call to return to God with all our hearts and to fulfill God's purposes for us as His beloved children.

Reader's Thoughts

Chrismpadgett Padgett

At the time I really enjoyed this book.

Brian Redell

This book really inspired me early in ministry. What I liked most about it was the simplicity of the presentation. Pastor Wilkerson's books have always been so informative and practical. At the time I was uncertain of how much this book would impact my life, but i find myself consistently returning to it's core principles when I realize I have drifted from soundness of life. Just seeing the title makes me relive how I felt during that time. I located it on my bookshelf just now. I'm going to read it again before the week is out :)


Thought provoking and powerful.


A very good book to study and consider.

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