Seven Myths about Christianity

ISBN: 0830819096
ISBN 13: 9780830819096
By: Dale Larsen Sandy Larsen

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About this book

Is Christianity a backward religion based on primitive ideas that have no place in today's world? Isn't the Bible hopelessly out of date? And those arrogant Christians always insist on forcing their morality on other people!These are honest objections that deserve straightforward answers. Christians have long struggled with explaining the Crusades, missionary imperialism and televangelistic scandals. Separating the beliefs and actions of some Christians from true Christianity can be difficult.In this readable introduction to apologetics, Dale and Sandy Larsen answer the skeptics' common charges that Christianity: -- is antiscientific-- caused the environmental crisis-- suppresses women-- forces morality on others-- destroys native cultures-- is arrogantThe Larsens go below the surface issues and see how these perceptions and problems developed historically. Then they go back to the Bible for the full story, beyond myths and misconceptions to the reality that brings freedom.

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