Seven-Year Seduction

ISBN: 0373767099
ISBN 13: 9780373767090
By: Heidi Betts

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4 Stars Bad_short Contemporary Romance D O Harlequin Heidi Betts Loc_med_26 Re Read Romance To Read

Reader's Thoughts

Angela Kuhn

I really liked this book about Connor and Beth's past romance being rekindled seven years later. It starts off in the past or the begining of Connor and Beth's love life. They are at the hometown highschool football game cheering on a victorious win when it is made clear that Beth has had a crush on Connor for years. Even if he is five years older than her, the same age as her older brother, and her older brother's best friend. After the game both of them go to a popular burger joint to get food and decide to go to Makeout point. But not to makeout, obviously, hmm. But to look at the scenery, talk and what not. Right! Of course, after talking a good bit one of them makes a move and they hook up. Now the interesting part is that after Connor takes her home he doesn't contact her again. Finito! Done. Wam Bam thank you ma'am! Beth moves on, graduates college, starts a job and lives away from home. She never forgives Connor and never really goes home because she would rather avoid him at all costs. Seven years later her older brother is getting married and Beth must attend. So does Connor. Sparks ignite when the two meet again. But Beth holding unto her hostility of Connor treats him coldly.

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