Sex, Drugs and Economics: An Unconventional Intro to Economics

ISBN: 1587991829
ISBN 13: 9781587991820
By: Diane Coyle Victoria Tietze Larson Myles Thompson

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Reader's Thoughts

Shonna Froebel

Interesting idea.Liked the use of bold type to show defining ideas.Thought-provoking.


If I could give a book six stars, I would do so for this book. It's economics, so it's no page-turner, but it does a simple, comprehensive discussion and analysis of many critical issues facing people, governments, and society. Anyone even vaguely interested in public policy as it relates to the economy, politics, motivation, and the psychology of decision-making should read this book.

Phil Fox

Another serviceable look at real-world applications of economic theory. Nothing all that unique here.


Well written. This book presents the topics of economics in a fashion that can be understood by the less business-minded.

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