Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

ISBN: 1559361247
ISBN 13: 9781559361248
By: Eric Bogosian

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About this book

The enormously successful performance piece (and film) by premiere performer and playwright Eric Bogosian.

Reader's Thoughts


Currently rereading this because it's so fucking good. The title says it all. This collection of monologues speaks to me just as much now as when I was a bitter college student looking for a good audition piece. I'm still bitter, just older. However, it didn't contain the one monologue I was looking for. Hmmm... maybe it was Durang.

Christina Zouras

Short read, some really memorable moments and surprisingly profound quotes.


not his best, but i still enjoy bogosian's work no matter vut.


Dated, but daring, these monologues make up Bogosian's seminal stage show, where he plays a dozen characters from the fringe - homeless man, loner, ruthless executive, and others. Bogosian was the premiere monologist of his day, and these monologues show why he teetered between talented actor and self-absorbed rock star in his hey-day. These monologues tingle with the swagger of a man who knows he's hitting all the right notes.

RK Byers

WAY more hits than misses.

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