Sexus (The Rosy Crucifixion, #1)

ISBN: 0802151809
ISBN 13: 9780802151803
By: Henry Miller

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About this book

Praise for Henry Miller: 'American literature begins and ends with the meaning of what Miller has done.' Lawrence Durrell 'I regard Henry Miller as a master.' Colin MacInne Praise for 'Sexus': 'A huge, sprawling narrative of Miller's life in New York, "Sexus'"culminates in a description of an orgy as remarkable for its account of the author's powers of sexual endurance as for its versatility. Interspersed are descriptions of his friends, some of them extremely funny and all of them lively. The lack of inhibition and genteel or moral restraint with which Miller describes these various characters gives "Sexus" a unique vitality. Miler cannot be pompous, a rare virtue, and his honesty is absolute.' Spectator

Reader's Thoughts


Let's be honest, I was 15 and just a little bit obsessed by sex. Henry Miller's Sexus was by far the most explicit book available at our home, and i loved certain parts of it. I guess you know which ones. But still, 20 years later, I do remember Miller's talent for painfully honest descriptions of what is seldom written about, often with himself as the main charachter. The man knew no shame, and I'm convinced that he freed scores of people from the idea of being sexually deviant. Everybode has weird fantasies, and Miller had practically all of them. Just a shame that I never succeeded in reading what was between the chunks of literary porn. Perhaps I should try again, but I might get distracted... again.


I finished this a little while back but haven't opened this visual bookshelf in awhile. The sex is a footnote. Henry Miller is insightful and witty. Even if he changes the subject the way most people do when they talk, he's a good talker and therefore a good writer. You want to read Miller, like people undoubtedly wanted to listen to him talk when he was living.

Wael Mahmoud

I intended to give it 3 stars but because of the last 2 chapters - almost 50 pages - i decided that it deserve the 4 stars.The big difference between "Sexus" and his first two gems "Tropic of Cancer" and "Tropic of Capricorn" is that here there's a lot of sex without any aesthetic or artistic purposes. Also many times i feel he constrained the events and encounters with other characters. his ordinary nonsense about life and women reach another high limit.He still got the great talent of a bohemian artist, still use the most remarkable language among American novelists. You can keep reading for many successive hours without felling boring except for the unnecessary porn scenes.The most remarkable parts in Sexus are :- When he tried to get rid of Maude by convincing her ex-lover to save her from him.- The party he arranged for his friends when he got the bonus.- His definition of creation and creativity.- How Melanie got into the book.- His dream of Una.- Kent Hamson's letter.- Finally the most beautiful parts i've ever read by Miller until now is the last 50 pages which starts with Cleo at Minsky brothers then the two deaths of Osmanli the Turk, and the end with Miller the dog and his woof! woof!.

Kristen Shaw

It's amazing how predictable the early postmodern aesthetic has become. Sexus reminds me a lot of a pared-down and more accesible version of Beautiful Losers. There are similar themes running through both: sex and the divinity of the body, direct experience taking precedent over intellectualism, the role of the writer in history/as a story-teller, etc. What is funny about this book (and something that also irks me a little bit) is the Bataille-like, self-consciously trangressive tone that reads like what it is - a cocky, self-indulgent writer testing his audience and their limits, while pretending to be sly about it. Miller thinks that he's smarter than he really is, and is constantly making silly sexist comments and thinly veild misogynistic declarations about how women "really are" (and men, for that matter). He's a likeable asshole. This is a good read, an easy read, and between great sex scenes there are long philosophical rants that are beautiful and thought-provoking.

Michael Nurse

I loved this book the first I read it. It is a confessional poured out of a spittoon full of of piss, bile, semen, angst, blood, guts and ego. The moments when he meets June Mansfield Smith, Mona, Mara whatever are sublime. The trajectory downward into self humiliation, self deception and utter depravity are rivetting. This is warts and all story telling of one mans defeat in everything he was puruing in life but he continues to spit out his philosophical arguments and his world view at the very moments when he is at his lowest ebb, oblivious to how incongrous this may all seem. The book is a revelation on the duplicity that exists in the human personality and how ego can drive us on when all else has failed. I love this and Nexus and Plexus as well. Worth the effort if youve got the energy to trawl through Miller. Most people dont have the stomach for it.

Robert Ross

"It must have been a Thursday night when I met her for the first time --at the dance hall. I reported to work in the morning, after an hour or two's sleep, looking like a somnambulist. The day passed like a dream. After dinner I fell asleep on the couch and awoke full dressed about six the next morning. I felt thoroughly refreshed, pure at heart, and obsessed with one idea --to have her at any cost. Walking through the park I debated what sort of flowers to send with the book I had promised (Winesburg, Ohio). I was approaching my thirty-third year, the age of Christ crucified. A wholly new life lay before me, had I the courage to risk all. Actually there was nothing to risk: I was at the bottom rung of the ladder, a failure in every sense of the word."

Jared Zehm

First in the "Rosy Crucifixion" trilogy ~ I can't help but love Henry Miller. He's so full of life. His books get a lot of attention for the sexual content but they are also balanced for love of life's other treats as well. Love of people, love of food, love of life itself ~ although he seems to have a strong hate for the "everyday man's" work and a love-hate relationship with New York ~ I plan on reading as much Miller as I can.

Huda Yahya

تحذير: قد تكون هذه الرواية أكثر مجونًا من قدرتك على الاحتمالإن كنت ممن يمتعضون ويقلبون شفاههم عند قراءة صفحات إيروتيكية فلا تقرب من هنري ميللر‏لن تحبهوسينتهي بك الأمر لمراجعة متأففة ومصمصة شفاه بتحسر على الابتذال ( واحتمال معدتك الرهيفة توجعك)‏اللهم قد بلغت;;;;;;;;;;;أنا أحب هنري ميللرأحب شطحاته ومجونه ‏وطريقته الفجة في التعبيرأحب سطوره كثيرا وأحب ما هو قادر على صنعهفي صبوات ‏يعري هنري نفسه كما لم يفعل أحدإنه يكاشفك بتبجح وفي نفس الوقت يحمل في طيات كل جملة متبجحة عمقا لا يستهان بههنري يعرفك على الجانب الآخر من الحياة التي يمر بها الجميعولا يتحدثون عنهاإنه يصنع عالمه من أشد اللحظات واقعيةيعترف بلا خجلوبطريقة قدر ما قد تنفر البعض قدر ما سحرتني بصدقها الإنساني وجمال العبارة ومتعة السردهنري يقصد أن تكون عبارته جارحة ،، حادة ،، صادقةلا يتردد أبدًا في فضح نفسهولا أقصد بذلك من الناحية الجنسية فقطبل أتحدث عن نقاط ضعفه ،، عيوبه ،،ما يخجل معظم الناس من إعلانهوبالإضافة لذلك فهو يخبرك بين طيات السطور أنه قد يخدعك قد يكون أشد مجونًاأكثر ضعفًاأكثر انهزامًا أمام مغريات الحياةأنه ربما وبرغم كل هذه التعرية لم يقل كل شيء بعدومع كل ذلك يكتب روايته بإحكام ويحملها من العمق ما ليس بالهينولا يتوانى عن إثراء خيالك ودواخلك بتعبيراته المدهشة وسرده المميزأنا أحببت صبوات كثيرا ولازلت أؤجل قراءة الجزأين التاليين حتى يسمح مزاجي للجلوس مع ميللر والاستمتاع ‏بطريقته المجنونة والممتعة باختصارتجربة لا تُنسىهامش #تجدون الثلاثية بالعربية تحت إسم الصلب الوردي


mad flights of surrealist language, excerises in anarchy, sex and the despair that first touches of the mad life that creates the artist. If you want to be a writer check this book out. All about Henry's tumultuous routines with June and his wife (before June, who he apparently despises) and a mad cast of characters including Kronski: the fat doctor.


ما الذي يمكن قوله في كتاب عنوانه اللاتيني يعني " الجنس " !هذا الكتاب كان ممنوعاً في أمريكا بلد الكاتب نفسه . و قد أحدث صدمة كبيرة استاء منها هنري قائلاً ما هذا الرياء ! لماذا يرفض الناس قراءة ما يقولون و يفعلون ! يقول أنه ليس مهووس بالجنس على عكس العالم ! يؤكد في حواراته أنه ضد الإباحية و مع الفسوق فالأخير صريح على عكس الأول ! و بما أن الجنس جزء أساسي من الحياة فلن يتورع عن كتابته بكل فحش ! الكلمة الأخيرة محببة لهنري .الكتاب هو الجزء الأول من ثلاثيته التي يتناول فيها سيرته الروائية لا الذاتية ! و هنري ينهل بالأساس من معين حياته الغريبة و ترحاله البطوطي إن صح التعبير و بطبيعة الحال من تأملاته . فالكتاب يمكن القول أنه غني بالجنس فاحتمال أن تفتح الكتاب بشكل عشوائي لتجد مقطع ساخن يقارب ال 40 بالمئة ! و هو بعيداً عن ذلك - في الحقيقة هو لا يبتعد بالقدر الكافي - كتاب مليء بفلسفة هنري اللاذعة و سخريته النارية و تأملاته الشاطح منها و المصيب بدقة . يتناول العلاقات الاجتماعية حتى العظم ، كما يهاجم المباديء الحمقاء التي لا بد من التنازل عنها لصالح الحياة . و هو يقدس الحياة و يحب أن يعيشها كاملة حتى أقصى حدّ . يكفي أنه في منتصف الثمانيات من عمره و قبيل وفاته كان مغرماً ! يحب أيضاً تحطيم التابوهات و يباهي بذلك و يعود الفضل أو الإثم له كاملاً في تحرير الكتّاب من بعده . لا شك أن هنري ميللر لا يعرف الوسطية و قراءه لن يتمكنوا من ذلك . فإما كراهية و عداوة أبدية أو حب و تغاضي عن نزواته و طيشه . بالنسبة لي يروق لي أسلوبه و طريقة كتابته البارعة و تشبيهاته السوريالية .

Eugene Pustoshkin

It is one of those rare books reading which transformed me. Henry Miller’s capacity to offer raw phenomenology of experience is fascinating. He doesn’t attempt to portray himself as some sort of saint or a superhero. He basically describes social life in its nuanced ornaments, not loaded with superegoic impositions (meaning, you will find no puritanity in this book). In the book Miller offers some of the most touching and vivid (and realistic, in my opinion) phenomenologies of contemporary sexual life. His philosophical insights are a gem too. Loved the book!

L.C. Lavado

BEST book EVER!!!!

Ron Grunberg

I mention my thoughts here, though I could pick virtually any Henry book. I've read most of them, often a number of times. These books are totally unique, reveries, presentations of how man might live if he only had the notion and carried through on it. These books stand in total juxtaposition to the mind-conditioned state of society. They are free rambles, though carefully plotted and written! They discuss and elaborate on all man's ideas and dreams, crazy actions and adventures--both in real life and in the mind. Ground breaking is to say the least. God how lucky people are who've never read Henry and stumble upon a book like this. What a treat!

Randi Hope

I have to admit, I read every Henry Miller book when I was in High School, that was a long time ago. If you want to liberate your repressed sexual appetite- read these books. Although, having done that already, his books seem to be redundant. Sexus seemed to be part of a series of books which are all of HM's books. This book, like many others, describes his sexual escapades, affairs with married women, his incessant mooching and irresponsibility- however, if you are even a little repressed, his life will seem exciting and full of sexual encounters that will make you envious- or want to go out and find lots of people to sleep with. Having said that, if you feel like your life is caving in or monotony and routine are getting the best of you and you don't know how to get out of it- Read Sexus for a jump start.

Mike Lester

What I say here will also stand for Plexus and Nexus (I consider them all to be parts of one large book.) I'll be short and to the point. Miller gives us the raw experience of his life, his desire to write, and how he found his voice. In this series of books we see many people come and go, many emotions move from despair to joy, mundane thoughts to almost mystical realization; all in the easygoing, conversational voice of Henry Miller. Reading these books is like sitting at a table with the man and having a wonderful conversation that lasts for hours. I can't get enough of Miller.

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