Sexus (The Rosy Crucifixion, #1)

ISBN: 0802151809
ISBN 13: 9780802151803
By: Henry Miller

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About this book

Praise for Henry Miller: 'American literature begins and ends with the meaning of what Miller has done.' Lawrence Durrell 'I regard Henry Miller as a master.' Colin MacInne Praise for 'Sexus': 'A huge, sprawling narrative of Miller's life in New York, "Sexus'"culminates in a description of an orgy as remarkable for its account of the author's powers of sexual endurance as for its versatility. Interspersed are descriptions of his friends, some of them extremely funny and all of them lively. The lack of inhibition and genteel or moral restraint with which Miller describes these various characters gives "Sexus" a unique vitality. Miler cannot be pompous, a rare virtue, and his honesty is absolute.' Spectator

Reader's Thoughts

Ana Celia

I tried to finish reading Sexus this weekend, but I just can’t. I wish I could erase it, that I could go back and get the time I spent back. I first took it to read four or five years ago and gave up. I decided to try again thinking maybe I was not ready to read a Miller’s book. I was wrong. I don’t know what category I can put this book. It tries to be a philosophical book like Brothers Karamazov, but all the caracter has to make philosophy is his sexual adventures or lack of good life.I don’t know if my christian thinking and way to see life made me a wrong reader of this book or if it is really that bad, but the fact is that Sexus sucks!It is difficult to follow the line of thought and the sequences at Miller’s life. I could never tell who he is with and why he keeps changing women for he is definitely incapable of love and being faithful. He treats women like things at Sexus and keep going thinking he is some kind of great man.I got boring trying to keep up my mind with the dirty book. I gave up again. I know now this is definitely a book I will never finish reading. And all that I want to read was Nexus because I thought it would be a mix of literature and philosophy. I gave up ever trying to read it too.

Jared Busch

Some of Miller's most inspiring writing, I think. This is the kind of book you want to come with a highlighter so you can remember where those amazing passages are to quote again and again. That said, it's not for everybody, especially prudes. The gratuitious sex scenes almost turned me off from this book only for their sheer unbelievability and ridiculous frequency... but it all made sense in the end... or rather once I started reading Plexus, which contains absolutely NO sex scenes at all. Sexus covers the period of Miller's life when he was trying very hard to BECOME a writer, that is, work up the nerve to actually write something. Plexus covers the period when he actually does and becomes an artist. So the shift from Sexus to Plexus can be seen as the shift from the carnal to the intellectual life. Of course, it's much more fun to figure it out by reading it. Sorry for the spoiler.

Maria Borland

'Me and my mates' writing at its best. Autobiographical notes of a sociopath. Miller's objectification of EVERYBODY leads to some remarkably insightful observations on human interaction, as well as some highly graphic yet convincing and frequently arousing sex scenes. Miler does not exclude himself in his clinical dissection of flaws, insecurities and delusions, making his writing peculiarly compelling. Ironically it is the sections (thankfully few) where Miller moves away from specifics in favour of universals that he reveals his greatest weaknesses, both as writer and human being. The strained use of metaphorical and symbolic language in these stream of consciousness passages is sometimes painfully monotonous. The content, reeking of the orientalist pre-occupations and sexual/racial prejudices of his time and milieu appear at best dated and at worst offensive to a 21st century sensibility. Ultimately it is the intimate specifics of Miller's writing, particularly the physicality of sex and the pretensions revealed in social interaction that endure.


This is such a difficult book to write about because it's so expansive and so forthright in its world view. This is my first foray into Henry Miller and lets just say that it has truly altered my perceptions, and affected my world view. Miller is a nutjob, and often times you can't help but loathe his actions and are revolted by his way of thinking, but this is where he succeeds and makes his strongest victories. Miller's writing is the most confessional personal essay one can imagine. He never shies away from telling us of his more devious visions in order to create a more likeable personality for himself. He strips himself bare and includes his most bizarre sexual and primal impulses. Obviously there is a strong emphasis on the book's sexual proclivities as it was a pivotal moment in the deconstruction of our country's censorship laws, but Miller (I believe) is not trying to be overtly graphic in his sex writing merely to shock people so he can sell more books. In my opinion he includes the sex scenes in all their detailed glory because he wants to give them as much space in his writing as they exist in his world. Sex is a huge part of most people's lives, be it actually having sex or merely thinking about it. Miller was an especially amorous person, so a book about his life is going to contain a lot of sexual writing. Is this a sensational way to write a book? Damn right. But the beauty of Miller is that he couldn't give two shits. He is driven and unrepentant of any of his beliefs. He wasn't trying to start a revolution here, he was just writing the only way he could. And controversial subject matter aside, it's just worth reading for the poetic style of his prose which contains some of the most aesthetically beautiful sentences, forget content, that I have ever read. There are times I would read paragraphs out loud to myself just to hear the way they sounded coming off my tongue. So yeah, I like Henry Miller. He has won me over as a convert and I'm very excited to delve deeper into his other writings.


Henry Miller is one raunchy fella.


صبوات أو سكسوس هي أول الكتب في "ثلاثية الصلب الوردي " والتي تصنف كونها سيرة ذاتية لهنري ميلر ميلر من الرواة القلّه الذين يمتلكون دقة الوصف وقوة التعبير حتى لكأن المشاهد تصوّر أمامك في فيلم طويل .. وطويل جداً .. وهذا ما قد يعيبه .. إذ أن إيقاع الملل يستبد بك حين وتتمكن أنت منه حيناً آخر يحكي الجزء الأول معاناة فشل زواجه وطريقه في الوقوع بحب امرأة أحلامه التي كانت "عاهره" .. وصراع الكبار في وظيفته الصغيره هي بالتأكيد كحياة أي كاتب آخر .. ولكنك ستعشق الكثير من الاقتباسات التي لن تراها إلا تجسّد حالتك بالأمس .. او الآن أو ربما غداً الجدير بالذكر أن روايات هنري كلها +21

Robert Ross

"It must have been a Thursday night when I met her for the first time --at the dance hall. I reported to work in the morning, after an hour or two's sleep, looking like a somnambulist. The day passed like a dream. After dinner I fell asleep on the couch and awoke full dressed about six the next morning. I felt thoroughly refreshed, pure at heart, and obsessed with one idea --to have her at any cost. Walking through the park I debated what sort of flowers to send with the book I had promised (Winesburg, Ohio). I was approaching my thirty-third year, the age of Christ crucified. A wholly new life lay before me, had I the courage to risk all. Actually there was nothing to risk: I was at the bottom rung of the ladder, a failure in every sense of the word."

Michael Nurse

I loved this book the first I read it. It is a confessional poured out of a spittoon full of of piss, bile, semen, angst, blood, guts and ego. The moments when he meets June Mansfield Smith, Mona, Mara whatever are sublime. The trajectory downward into self humiliation, self deception and utter depravity are rivetting. This is warts and all story telling of one mans defeat in everything he was puruing in life but he continues to spit out his philosophical arguments and his world view at the very moments when he is at his lowest ebb, oblivious to how incongrous this may all seem. The book is a revelation on the duplicity that exists in the human personality and how ego can drive us on when all else has failed. I love this and Nexus and Plexus as well. Worth the effort if youve got the energy to trawl through Miller. Most people dont have the stomach for it.

Randi Hope

I have to admit, I read every Henry Miller book when I was in High School, that was a long time ago. If you want to liberate your repressed sexual appetite- read these books. Although, having done that already, his books seem to be redundant. Sexus seemed to be part of a series of books which are all of HM's books. This book, like many others, describes his sexual escapades, affairs with married women, his incessant mooching and irresponsibility- however, if you are even a little repressed, his life will seem exciting and full of sexual encounters that will make you envious- or want to go out and find lots of people to sleep with. Having said that, if you feel like your life is caving in or monotony and routine are getting the best of you and you don't know how to get out of it- Read Sexus for a jump start.

Huda Yahya

تحذير: قد تكون هذه الرواية أكثر مجونًا من قدرتك على الاحتمالإن كنت ممن يمتعضون ويقلبون شفاههم عند قراءة صفحات إيروتيكية فلا تقرب من هنري ميللر‏لن تحبهوسينتهي بك الأمر لمراجعة متأففة ومصمصة شفاه بتحسر على الابتذال ( واحتمال معدتك الرهيفة توجعك)‏اللهم قد بلغت;;;;;;;;;;;أنا أحب هنري ميللرأحب شطحاته ومجونه ‏وطريقته الفجة في التعبيرأحب سطوره كثيرا وأحب ما هو قادر على صنعهفي صبوات ‏يعري هنري نفسه كما لم يفعل أحدإنه يكاشفك بتبجح وفي نفس الوقت يحمل في طيات كل جملة متبجحة عمقا لا يستهان بههنري يعرفك على الجانب الآخر من الحياة التي يمر بها الجميعولا يتحدثون عنهاإنه يصنع عالمه من أشد اللحظات واقعيةيعترف بلا خجلوبطريقة قدر ما قد تنفر البعض قدر ما سحرتني بصدقها الإنساني وجمال العبارة ومتعة السردهنري يقصد أن تكون عبارته جارحة ،، حادة ،، صادقةلا يتردد أبدًا في فضح نفسهولا أقصد بذلك من الناحية الجنسية فقطبل أتحدث عن نقاط ضعفه ،، عيوبه ،،ما يخجل معظم الناس من إعلانهوبالإضافة لذلك فهو يخبرك بين طيات السطور أنه قد يخدعك قد يكون أشد مجونًاأكثر ضعفًاأكثر انهزامًا أمام مغريات الحياةأنه ربما وبرغم كل هذه التعرية لم يقل كل شيء بعدومع كل ذلك يكتب روايته بإحكام ويحملها من العمق ما ليس بالهينولا يتوانى عن إثراء خيالك ودواخلك بتعبيراته المدهشة وسرده المميزأنا أحببت صبوات كثيرا ولازلت أؤجل قراءة الجزأين التاليين حتى يسمح مزاجي للجلوس مع ميللر والاستمتاع ‏بطريقته المجنونة والممتعة باختصارتجربة لا تُنسىهامش #تجدون الثلاثية بالعربية تحت إسم الصلب الوردي

Maha Alhasawi

عن دار ورد بترجمة خالد الجبيلي التطرف يفسد كل عمل فني ، وبهذا أُفسد هذا الكتاب وضاعت قيمته بين اختلافات النقاد حتى يومنا هذا ، هذا الكتاب مثله مثل أناشيد مالدورور اكتسب شهرته من شذوذه وتطرفه فقط ، لا يعني هذا ان الكتاب خالي القيمة ، ابدا ، ولو نُقح هذا وحذفت منه تلك المشاهد الجنسية المتكررة -والتي أما تصيب القارئ بالملل او بالقرف او بلا اثنين معا - لكان ذو قيمة أدبية عميقه ، لكن ميلر اثر التطرف و كتب عن الجنس لأجل الجنس أولا ثم استعرض نقده الاجتماعي ، قارنه بكونديرا مثلا تجد الفارق بين التوازن والتطرف فتجد كتب كونديرا عظيمة رغم تناولها مسألة الجنس ولا تبعث الملل إطلاقا ولا يختلف فيها كثير ، الفكرة ان ميلر كاتب عظيم لكنه غير ذكي -في هذا الكتاب بالذات - اتخذ طريقا طويله وطويلة جداً لإيصال فكرته عن الصبوات دونما طرق مختصرة او اثارة في اللغه او الأحداث .


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A. G.

"Ghompal 'Hindistan'da bir söz vardır' diye başladı insanı yıkan öykülerinden birine. Her duruma uygun bir öyküsü vardı Ghompal'ın. Korkunç hoşlanıyordum onlardan; kolay, kendi kendini açıklayan çözümlerdi, zararsız bir örtüye bürünmüş küçük gerçek hapları gibiydiler.""Eğilimlerini boğmakta direnirsen, sonunda bir balgam parçacı olursun. Sonunda seni tıkayan parçayı tükürürsün, ancak yıllar sonra anlarsın bunun balgam değil de kendi öz benliğin olduğunu.""Kesinlikle inanmadığım bir başka şey de çalışmak. Daha yaşamın eşiğinden beri, bir işte çalışmak ahmaklara vergi bir şeymiş gibi gelirdi bana. Yaratmanın tam karşıtıdır: Bir oyundur yaratma, kendinden başka bir raison d'etre'i olmadığı için de yaşamın en büyük yöneltici gücüdür. Tanrının, evreni kendine iş çıksın diye yarattığını söyleyen oldu mu hiç? Akıl-fikirle hiç ilgisi olmayan bir dizi koşul yüzünden ben de öbürlerine benzedim -köle oldum.""Toplumun bir üyesi olmayı bıraktığım, kendim olduğum zaman gerçekten işe yarar birşeyler almaya başlayacaktır dünya benden. Devlet, ulus, dünyanın birleşen lusları, dedelerinin yanlışlarını tekrarlayıp duran birşeyler yığını yalnızca.""Şimdiye kadar okuduğum bir tutam kitaptan gözlemlediğime göre, yaşamın iyice içinde olan kişiler, yaşamın ta kendisi olan kişiler, az yiyorlar, az uyuyorlar, ya pek az şeyleri oluyor, ya hiç bir şeyleri olmuyor. Görevmiş, hısım akrabalığın sürdürülmesiymiş, devletin korunmasıymış, böyle boş kavramlar yok kafalarında. Gerçekle ilgileniyorlar, yalnızca bir tek eylem tanıyorlar: Yaratmak. Yaptıkları işte kendilerine buyuranlar yok, çünkü yalnızca kendi verdikleri sözü yerine getiriyorlar. Tek gerçek verme yolu o olduğu için karşılık beklemeden veriyorlar. Çekici bulduğum yaşayış bu işte: bir anlamı var, dosdoğru bir anlamı. Yaşamın kendisi bu işte -çevremdekilerin taptıkları yanlış görüntüler değil.""Ruhun yeri, dışdünya ile içdünyanın birbirine dokunduğu noktadadır. Çünkü kimse, yalnız kendi oluyorsa aynı zamanda başkası da değilse kendini bilemez.""Sevdiklerimle yakınlarıma acı vermeyi içeriyordu özgürleşmem.""İnsanlar, dahinin sonu için endişe duyarlar her zaman. Ben hiç endişelenmedim dahi için: Deha, insandaki dehayi gözetir. Duyduğum endişe, bir hiç olan insan içindi hep. İtiş kakış arasinda yitip gitmiş, varlığı bile fark edilmeyecek kadar sıradan, her yerde görülen insanlar içindi... Dahi için en önemli şey, kendini işe yaramaz kılmaktır. Herkesin katıldığı akıntıya karışmak; bir ucube değil, bir balık olmaktır.""Yazmak eyleminin bana sağlayacağı tek yararın, beni öbür insanlardan ayıran şeyleri ortadan kaldırmak olduğu sonucuna vardım. Yabancı bir nesne, yaşamın akıntısından ayrı; onun dışında kalan bir nesne olmak istemiyordum kesinlikle.""Yazmak, diye düşünüyorum, iradeden yoksun bir eylem olmalı. söylenecek şey, derin okyanus akıntısı gibi kendiliğinden akıp çıkmalıdır yüze. Yanlış yaşamın biriktirdiği zehiri atmak için yazar insan. Masumluğunu yeniden elde etmeyeçalışır, oysa (yazarak) yapmayı başarabildiği tek şey, dünyayı kendi yanılgısının virüsüne karşı aşılamaktır. Hiç kimse kağıt üstüne tek sözcük dökmezdi, inandığı şeyi yaşamaya cesareti olsaydı. Daha kaynağındayken sapıyor esini. Yaratmak istediği, bir gerçeklik, güzellik ve büyü dünyasıysa niçin milyonlarca sözcük koyuyor bu dünyanın gerçeğiyle kendisi arasına? Öbür insanlar gibi üne, kuvvete ve başarıya kavuşmak için değilse, niçin erteliyor eyleme geçmeyi? 'Kitaplar insanoğlunun ölmüş eylemleridir' demiş Balzac. Gene de gerçeği görmüş olmasına karşılık, kendisini elde eden şeytana bile bile teslim etti meleği."


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I finished this a little while back but haven't opened this visual bookshelf in awhile. The sex is a footnote. Henry Miller is insightful and witty. Even if he changes the subject the way most people do when they talk, he's a good talker and therefore a good writer. You want to read Miller, like people undoubtedly wanted to listen to him talk when he was living.

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