Shadows in the Starlight (Changeling, #2)

ISBN: 0765348527
ISBN 13: 9780765348524
By: Elaine Cunningham

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About this book

A ten year veteran of the Providence Rhode Island vice squad Gwen "GiGi" Gellman began her life as a foundling and is used to being on her own. So when she finds herself unemployed and on the outs after a standard bust goes bad resulting in a bloodbath, she welcomes the occasion to break from routine. She scrapes together enough capital to start her own PI business specializing in "family problems." But, in doing so she never guessed that she would uncover her own mysterious and mystical past.When GiGi becomes involved in the case of a missing wife and child, she initially dismisses the matter as good sense on the wife's part--she knows the husband to be less than stellar in his role. But, as her investigation progresses GiGi discovers a pattern of lies and deceptions, some of which expose hidden ties to her own mystifying existence. Otherworldly powers try to intercede, and soon GiGi finds not only her own life threatened, but those of her friends and family as well.

Reader's Thoughts


(The Net acted up, so my longer review disappeared before it was saved... ARGH... I'll try and write something again another day, okay?)


Gigi is now a PI. Her friend asks her to help the friends ex husband find his missing wife. The trouble is the ex had physically abused her friend and Gigi isn't certain that the wife didn't vanish to avoid the same treatment and this is further complicated by her finding evidence that the missing wife is an elf. Meanwhile, someone starts a series of increasingly deadly attacks on Gigi.


The second in Cunningham's dark urban fantasy series about a PI,Gwen Gellman, who isn't as human as she thought.Now, will Cunningham ever get her pen in gear and finish the series??


Took me a while to actually finish this once I started, probably because I knew that if it ended with a cliffhanger I would probably never get relief, being that the series is suspended indefinitely.The book is cool, due to the fact that it is set in my birthplace and current residence of Providence, RI (woot woot!). I did enjoy the story and progression better with this installment. The true colors of all the players are peeping out. Too bad we might never get a conclusion to the story.I'd say give the book a try.


Not as good as it's made out to be.


I really like this series. It is set in Providence and the supernatural element is there but not over the top.

Ash Morrigan

Scattered thoughts: I didn't realize this was a second book and while I normally prefer to jump in cold, I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of characters and story threads going on. There is a sex scene that doesn't fit the tone of the book and really feels like a stopgap measure to make the book fit in more with the Urban Fantasy genre.I think that the main problem with this book, and the reason that I found it in the bin at an "Odd Lot" store, is the cover. The cover is wretched. If I had not already read this author, I would never have picked up the book. The cover screams cheap and confused, which is surprising considering that the publisher is Tor.

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