Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

ISBN: 1844285200
ISBN 13: 9781844285204
By: Michael Rosen William Shakespeare

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About this book

This most famous of love stories is uniquely presented in picture book form for children. The tale is told scene by scene in a simple lively style, with dialogue reproducing Shakespeare's own words so that the most celebrated passages of the play are retained in their original form.

Reader's Thoughts


I would love to be Juliet! I want to know what that feeling of knowing they were ment to be but can't!

Marianne Søiland

Etter gjennomlesing nok engang, for så å kikke nærmere på teksten og alle de nydelige språklige passasjene, så hoppet boka opp på fem stjerner. Jeg har ikke tidligere vært klar over at det finnes noen perler av noen sonetter "skjult" i teksten. Clever den der Shakespeare, gitt!


This version wasn't what I read back in High school, but it will do for representation. This was pretty good, but again, not my favorite. I have to admit, I like the 'West Side Story' version much better! "When your'e a Jet, your'e a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day!" Who can beat that!


Man I love this story. I love the way it is written, shaped, and presented. A classic for everyone.

Helen Pontak

This book is a simple version of Romeo and Juliet. It is an easy read, only about 80 or so pages. It is a good book and it sums up what Romeo and Juliet is. I wouldn't recommend people to read this is if they really want to know the whole story of Romeo and Juliet. As said earlier this is just a summary book made really for children, but does not compare with the real shakespeare version. There are many good illustrations in the book and it is a fun read.


good but not great. Unfortunately i actually read the play before i saw girls swooning of the Leo Dicaprio version and making references to "leo" rather than romeo.its ok. i found the main characters to be annoying and a little flat, lacking the usual depth of shakespeare's writing. the passion and exasperation of the lovers in some parts is touching though so its not a complete loss.


I have no idea what they are saying, english is a secound langush for me and the english they use it's old and hard to understand, i guess that it would be a really good book if i knew what they are saying but sence i don't know i will gusst say its ok.

Lady Darcie

i read this is school and i loved it, the tragic ending was my undoing. what a great writer shakespear is

Janelle Dazzlepants

If you can get past the language and read further into the text, the narrative truly is amazing. The concept of 13 year olds falling in love at first sight certainly seems outlandish and inappropriate in these modern times, but the notion of true love is so mysterious, and when coupled with tragedy certainly makes for a good adventure - even centuries later. And you can't deny that Mercutio and Tybalt are FIERCE.


that if you realy love someone then you will give up anything and everything for that person.

Helena Ison

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare will always be one of my top favorite plays/stories! This edition of the book has some of the most breath-taking illustrations I've ever seen in a book up to date. It also has a dictionary that helps beginning Shakespeare readers understand the lingo better!


Beautiful, but not my favourite Shakespeare. Too whimsical


ilovethisbook its about romance and how much two peoplelove each other i bet you seen the movie but yuo will love the book and you are just going to feel like reading it overand over agin i hope for you who havent read it that you like itand i bet that you who have read that you loved it


This love story is a classic that everyone should read. It was part of the distance education reading list for Grade 9 English, and it was a joy to study this play. Even if you're not big on Shakespeare or plays in general, you can't help but enjoy this one. It's got a story line that almost everyone can relate to.


Found this reading interesting and was wanting to try a easy Sharkespeare's reading. Ready to move on to another one

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