Shan (China Maroc, #2)

ISBN: 0345482298
ISBN 13: 9780345482297
By: Eric Van Lustbader

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Reader's Thoughts


The story is fast paced, dealing with International intrigue, double agents, treachery, double cross. The author includes a rich dose of Chinese culture and the rise of Communism in China including the roles of the United States and Russia. The book is steamy and characters get involved in some brutal fights. I look forward to sampling some other books by this author.


Good read.

Theophilus (Theo)

If you haven't figured it out yet, I was really hooked on Eric Van Lustbader. I kept them all and reread them occasionally. Another great story. A U.S. spy working for China? Is he a traitor or are our (U.S. and China) destinies really linked?


An very muddled and at times confusing sequel to Jian.


** spoiler alert ** The continuation of "Jian" (this book) made me really sad. The general fabula direction was to be expected if you read the first part, but the way the author serves is, and the details around it, surely make it worth reading!Even though it doesnt have a "happy ending", it again shows some lessons in hardcore strategy and tactics which one can only respect. I found the book very educating, amongst all the small pleasures of reading it.


It was okay. I kind of got lost in the incredibly complicated stories that Lustbader writes.

Jeffrey C.

Read decades ago.


Too chopped up.

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