Sick Burn Cut

ISBN: 0936756853
ISBN 13: 9780936756851
By: Deran Ludd

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About this book

Set in pre-Microsoft, early-1980s Seattle, Sick Burn Cut is the tale of a crossdressing gangster, Mary, his boyfriend Husayn, and their friends/gang that struggles to hold onto a small stretch of turf in the face of Belltown's gentrification, and the arrival of powerful organized crime families. Unknown to Mary, and for reasons never explained, a small cult of teenagers in rural eastern Washington state, secretly adore Mary as the incarnation of their personalized vision of Our Lady of the Ugly Ones, and make preparations for Mary's arrival in Spokane, and the promised apocalypse.

Reader's Thoughts

Roger Boyle

I read this book along time ago, but it really seared my memory. It describes some unspeakably nasty events in a thoroughly entertaining way. Not one for the children.


Mary is a 31 year old man with a gun in a cheap cotton dress.What more do you need to know?

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