Sinners and Saints

ISBN: 0312998740
ISBN 13: 9780312998745
By: Eileen Dreyer

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About this book

Forensics specialist Chastity Byrnes is trying to put the past behind her. It has been ten years since Chastity made accusations against her father that shattered her family...and ten years since she's seen her sister, Faith.First, Chastity gets a call from Dr. Max Stanton, the brother-in-law she never knew she had. Then she finds out that her long-lost sister is officially missing. Even though Faith never wanted to see her sister again, Chastity decides to go to the Big Easy to find her.Now Chastity has to battle her own demons in a city where forensics are an old boys' club and a woman can find trouble in her sleep. She has to wade through distrust and deceit to get to the truth--whether she wants to know it or not. She has to rediscover her sister--by investigating fertility clinics, the powers of St. Roch, and the mysteries of voodoo--to find out why the women who might have helped Faith are dying. As a hurricane threatens the city, Chastity puts more than her own life at risk as she fights to rescue her sister from a terrifying threat that stalks them both...

Reader's Thoughts

Rachel Kelley

This book is great, great, GREAT! I used to own this, so I'm not so surprised that I loved it, as much as I can't believe what I forgot. Every detail in this story is so important that it's a mistake not to count every single one towards the ending. I definitely love the psychology towards explaining why every character is the way they are and the medical/crime scene details because you can definitely tell the author knows what she's talking about. And that just makes it so much more realistic. A great read for anybody who loves murder mysteries mixed in with a girl with a tortured past, dark secrets lurking in the water and a killer highly agile mind who seems to be one step ahead at every turn.


it was a middle book


I love Eileen Dreyer and this book did not disappoint. Twisted, sick, dark, and mysterious.


Great book, this was a page turner from the get-go. Crime, death, hidden secrets. Great climax till the very end.


This was the first book by Eileen Dreyer that I have read. Not going to lie...the title is what caught my attention and the reason I picked it up.The back summary held my attention and so I got it. And I really liked it. The story flowed at a even pace, it was well written and entertaining as hell. I look forward to my next encounter with Eileen's writing.


really good


If you are looking for a literary work of repute, this is not it. But if are looking for a good read and a not-so-ordinary "who done it", this is it.

Michele Ward

Really enjoyed the book but was disappointed with the way things wrapped up. Kind of a "hurried" ending after all the drama and mystery.


I picked this up on a remainders table at B&N - it was an entertaining summer read. Suspenseful and dark-fluffy.

Vanessa Grant

Classic Eileen Dreyer, the plot of Sinners and Saints' twists through multiple layers and secrets, and arrives breathlessly at a very satisfying ending amid a New Orleans Hurricane.Read Saints and Sinners yourself - if you like mysterious tales with memorable characters and dark twists, you'll be glad you did!I'm an Eileen Dreyer fan from years back. Now that I've finished this book, I'm about to start reading my new copy of her If Looks Could Kill. I read this shadowy, pulse-pounding Elaine Dreyer years ago, and can't wait to revisit Dryer's Pyrite, Missouri, and the Heroine of If Looks Could Kill.Vanessa


3.5 starsAlthough it took a little while for me to warm up to the main character (and her friend who speaks about herself entirely in the third person- creepy), this story was well worth the effort. Set in New Orleans, Dreyer captures the atmospheric tone of that city, and she kept the plot humming along- especially towards the very satisfying end. With a nice mix of suspense, shocking revelations and a touch of romance, this was a nice introduction to Dreyer's work. I'll definitely look for more.


I didn't find this to be particularly a page turner. I did enjoy the N'awleens aspect and I found the fireman to be intriguing and sexy. I would have liked a bit more thriller instead of missing persons. I hope that makes sense - it does in my head.

Marilyn Groves

the main character, Forensic nurse Chastity Byrnes, is fighting her own personal battles with the past. She is not a perfect heroine, but is all the more likeable because of it.She finds herself in New Orleans trying to find her sister at the request of a brother-in-law she didn't even know existed. Her mother and sister deserted her ten years ago.Bit of a stretch in believing the police would so easily share information with her, but that's ok. Lots of intrigue and relationships and craziness to keep your interest.


This story is set in New Orleans and all the things that go with it. It was a good read. Lots of suspense.

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