Siouxsie & the Banshees: The Authorised Biography

ISBN: 1860743757
ISBN 13: 9781860743757
By: Mark Paytress Shirley Manson

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Reader's Thoughts


The interview style of this book makes for a great, fast read. Instead of some author's interpretation you're simply reading about the history of the band from its members, their musical cohorts, former managers and friends. It's a great little time capsule for a band I still love today and it nourished the music geek in me big time.

Jayne Lyn Lamb

Ah Siouxsie , how i dreamed to as cold=as=ice like you when I was a teenager. This book is written in the 'oral history' style and as with most books about bands, there's not enough talk about the music itself. Still a great read and one hell of a Gen X icon.


Although I love SATB, this is a bit hard to follow. It is a collection of several members and peripheral figures who were close to the band. I would like to have had a but more cohesion, but it was nice to get more insight into the band and it's history.

Johnny D

wonderful backgrounding for any siouxsie fan, real human insight, and further confirmation that today's rock and indie scene owes an enormous debt to the freaky lady from bromley


Immensely enjoyable. Siouxsie, The Banshees, and their inner circle in their own words. Like Brendan Mullen's rock bios Whores and Lexicon Devil, this is an oral history told entirely through interviews with those who lived through these strange times. Reading this book has changed the way I see The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Cure and The Banshees.

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