Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Stylistic and Metrical Study

ISBN: 0208013814
ISBN 13: 9780208013811
By: Marie Borroff

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Reader's Thoughts

Shawn Dorn

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a medieval romance composed around the year of 1375 by the “Pearl Poet”. It was translated by Marie Borroff. It is a story of a knight named Sir Gawain and a green knight. The Green Knight poses a game with King Arthur but Gawain takes his place. This game is a death game. Gawain must blow a strike to the Green Knight and kill him in order to win. If he survives in a year in a day Gawain must seek the knight and receive one blow from him. He sees the Green Knight and sees the truth behind the game, that it was a lesson to be taught about chivalry which Gawains fails.The two main characters are Sir Gawain and of course the Green Knight. Sir Gawain is a knight of King Arthur’s round table. He is the nephew of Arthur, and is the main character of the story. The Green Knight is this large man in green armor with red eyes. He is able to transform into other people such as the lord of the castle and the lady. The Green Knight is also a supernatural character since some of the actions he does can not be explained. The first setting is Camelot the castle of King Arthur, New Year’s Eve. In a year Gawain travels to the castle in North Wales to rest and asks where he can find the Green Temple; he then spends three days there and heads to the final location of the story, the Green Temple where the Green Knight lives.The main theme of this story is to be true to yourself, dealing with the code of chivalry. Sir Gawain is tested on this and fails since he doesn't keep his promise of sharing everything he gets with the lord of the castle and he kissed the wife of the lord.This is a story for a high school student since they have a sense and knowledge to understand the story and the supernatural elements contained this writing. I personally was okay reading this. I didn't mind much of the lesson to be learned but I loved how it was told.

Mouldy Squid

A good translation of the original middle english poem. Personally, I prefer reading middle english and I am not sure why people have such a problem with it. But then again, there are "translations" of Shakespeare out there as well.If you have difficulty with reading middle english, this edition is a good choice.


Verse translation makes is much more readable than original middle English. Read this for class.

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