Sisters =: Hermanas

ISBN: 0152753230
ISBN 13: 9780152753238
By: Gary Paulsen Gloria de Aragon Andujar

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About this book

The lives of a fourteen-year-old Mexican prostitute, living in the United States illegally, and a wealthy American girl intersect in a dramatic way.

Reader's Thoughts


** spoiler alert ** The only thing I like of this book was that it was really short...This book has no endpoint.. it doesn't have a conclusionI didn't get the final chapter at all..It is about two girls that have really different living conditions:one has great parents that can buy her everything and the other one sells herself to get money, to send it to Mexico (where her mother is)they live a completely different life and meet in a mallthey only see each others' eye and think they're really alike...then, the Mexican girl gets caught because of her illegal residency...the book ENDS this was not at all boring, but the end upset me a lot...I'd like to make a new end...




Novella/Racial experience/ConnectionSo - for the record, I don't like Gary Paulsen books. As a general rule they bore me, and I get irritated by the narration. However, Sisters, a startlingly short novella (if we have those in today's literary world) gives us the intertwining of two 14 year old girls - Rosa - an illegal immigrant who works as a hooker at night and dreams of being on the cover of magazines - and Traci - white, upperclass, who dreams of being a cheerleader. The characters are surprisingly easy to like, and the tale of their connection and meeting is startling. Written in both Spanish and English (depending on which side of the book you open) it paints a bleak image of what we would consider "normal" life in America, while the richness and beauty of the life of Rosa is startling and beautiful. Unfortunately, the ending, although in tone, and probably accurate, seems to create a message out of the short meeting and the interplay of stereotypes.However, for a very quick read, with surprisingly beautiful prose and voice, this is a great pick.

Elizabeth Lund

Interesting exercise; really a short story published as a book. Characters were unique and skilfully written. I ached for Rosa because of the outcome--and not because she was a prostitute!

Katy Alexandra

this book is soooo good :D


This book was extremely short and had very little, if any plot. It was told in two voices, flipping back and forth between Rosa, an illegal immigrant/child prostitute, and Traci, a vain cheerleader. It was filled with stereotypes and as far as I can tell has very little value in the literary world. It's only redeeming quality is that in one volume it tells the story in both English and Spanish. At the most it might be used as a language teaching tool.

Eliza Mansuetto Uribe

There is a very limited Spanish language selection at my library. So I guess I was forced to read this. Very simple, short, and surface. I read it in like an hour. Not much to it, but still, I finished it all the way to the end so it must have kept me interested somewhat. That is why I gave it two stars instead of one.


I can't decide if I liked this book or not. It was an interesting portrayal of two different stereotypes in a way that made them the same, but it also was a bit odd. The fact that the girls are also just 14 makes it even odder. I did like the idea of these two girls from different backgrounds not being so different, it was the way that he went about it that I didn't care for as much. I think that I would give this to students, maybe someone who is struggling with longer texts, but I would be sure that it was an older student because of some of the themes covered in the text.

Jeffrey Sosa

This short fictional novel revolves around the stories of two young fourteen-year-old girls as they interact with the world around them. Gary Paulson introduces us to Tracy, an upper-class white girl with a controlling mother; and Rosa, an illegal immigrant who is trying to support her family. He uses both to explore several adult themes, similarities in culture, and to toy with the idea of how similar the girls may be regardless of social or class positions. Overall, I think this book falls short of what could have been a very profound novel. It had potential, but it gets lost along the way—somehow but I have yet to put my finger on exactly how. I also found the bilingual nature of the book to be interesting and a complement the works effort as a whole; however, I cannot read Spanish, yet it would be interesting to look at how the two different sides compare to each other in structure and meaning. I think this book could speak to some readers, but I would struggle giving this book to a young adult due to the nature of the content held within it.


I'm not sure how I feel about this book. The author attempts to convince the reader that two girls on opposite sides of the economic spectrum are alike, like sisters, in the way that they sell themselves - one as a prostitute and the other a popular cheerleader-beauty queen. The chance meeting of the girls was not credible. It is a bilingual novel that can be turned around for the other language. Now, I'll tackle the spanish....Si, puedo leer espanol, un pequito. *snicker*

Mary Ann

The 'haves' and 'have nots'; what a sad commentary on our society in more than one way. Have had this book for years and just now got around to reading. Paulsen did a fine job of pointing out obvious circumstances that we seldom do anything about, but stand by and say 'what can I do?' Rosa wants to help her mother and Traci seems to be her mother's puppet.


Good, but I was not sure about the ending...

Brandon O'Neill

This book literally took me 20 minutes to read - it's only 65 pages, but is pretty powerful nevertheless. It is about 2 girls - one is Rosa, a 14 year old illegal immigrant prostitute (that is a mouthful - no pun intended) and the other is Traci, a 14 year old trying to be perfect cheerleader who have a quick chance encounter. My first non-Brian themed book by Paulsen, and it was good.


Not your normal Paulsen read.

Elizabeth Guzman

This book focuses on the lives of two young girls Rosa an illegal immigrant who prostitutes herself to make a living and Traci a wealthy American. Although they live very different lives they both are connected with the obsession of beauty. Rosa believes that beauty is having perfect clothes and a perfect body, while Traci is being taught that that beauty is flawless and that its the key to happiness. While reading this book i kind of got a little confused in which chapter was talking about either Rosa or Traci. I would recommend this book to people who like short books because it seemed a little bit to short. I would honestly read this book again because its so interesting to read since it goes in depth in the lives of two very different girls.

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