Snow Falling On Cedars

ISBN: 1875695966
ISBN 13: 9781875695966
By: Frances Russell-Matthews

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Reader's Thoughts


Fiction based on history with a little mystery. Fascinating.

Meg Foglietti

Wonderful story! A definite eye opener to our nations history in its treatment of. Japanese immigrants!!

Barbara Snow

I actually agree with what is (at this moment) the average rating ...3.77. It is not quite a 4 for me because despite having interesting characters, a good plot and being very well written, it never really drew me into the story. The characters were enigmatic... too much so, perhaps. One reviewer somewhere complained that it was stereotyping of the Japanese personality, but frankly I found all of the characters to be much the same. A deep and conflicted inner person and a stoic and unreadable demeanor.

Jane Rudebusch

The beginning is great and I was hooked on this book for a while, but then it dragged on to the point where I had to just skim to the end to find what happened. And then, after all the drawn out theatrics leading up to the verdict, there was only the last page that gave a jumbled sort-of explanation? I'm still not sure what exactly happened to Carl in the end.

Tina P

The author gives readers vivid descriptions of winter on a North Pacific island; lifestyles of strawberry farming and fishermen; police investigation and court room drama; a love story; and a journalist's quest to find the truth. I felt like the characters were people I actually knew and the island I have visited.

Kacy Snyder

I did not enjoy this book, and honestly i didn't read the last 1/4 of it. It drug on so much that I finally gave up and watched the movie. I wanted to read it for ages because I loved the title... Guess it shows ya- don't judge a book by it's cover


Lots of detail. The interesting plot kept me reading.


A wonderfully told story w/ much to consider.

Kathy Hale

Very interesting mystery along with learning about the Japanese internment camps during WWII in America. The history books on the East Coast don't tell very much about the hatred and suspicion of people in the Northwest and Alaska of the Japanese population that was already U.S. citizens. I also found it interesting of the pressure the Japanese-Americans felt to fight to prove the loyalty to America.


This book is actually written by David Guterson. Why does Goodreads give the wrong author?

Margie McFadden

Very well done 4.5

Jodell Quamme

I liked the book. The beginning was pretty slow. It was fun to get another view of the internment camps we read about in book club.

Mairi Caughey

Perfect story, classy.


Goodreads: this author writes guide books for novels. Please correct.

Nemanja Sh

It was a lovely book, very easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was its ending. However, I got the feeling that the whole point of the book was to portray the difficulty of an interracial love and not so much the unfortunate death of the sailor.

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