Society of the Spectacle and Other Films

ISBN: 0946061068
ISBN 13: 9780946061068
By: Guy Debord Louis Adamic

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About this book

"The specialists of the cinema said that its revolutionary politics were bad; the politicians among all the left-wing illusionists said that it was bad cinema. But when one is at once a revolutionary and a filmmaker, one may easily demonstrate that their general bitterness derives from the obvious fact that the film in question is the exact critique of the society which they do not know how to combat; and a first example of the cinema which they do not know how to make." Guy Debord, on his film 'Society Of The Spectacle'] Presented for the first time in English, this volume includes the full texts of Debord's first 5 films, with an introduction explaining, amongst other things, why Debord is determined that the films should never again be shown.

Reader's Thoughts

Kate Savage

Just to clarify:This book does not contain Guy Debord's essays on the Society of the Spectacle. This is collection of the screenplays from his avaunt-garde films based on his ideas. Take his essay, remove everything but the most pontificating and grandiose statements, and intersperse each line with a running text in italics explaining an image being shown on the screen, and that interspersed with the messages written on the screen, in a different font. Yes, it is a recipe for a headache.Maybe it's important that someone have this document in the archives. But I can't imagine why anyone would read it. Unless the act of reading it is part of your own edgy avaunt-garde art.


By the end? An ice-cream headache. I think I'll go out for a derive.

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