Southern Selves: From Mark Twain and Eudora Welty to Maya Angelou and Kaye Gibbons A Collection of Autobiographical Writing

ISBN: 067978103X
ISBN 13: 9780679781035
By: James Watkins

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About this book

  The memoirist seek to capture not just a self but an entire world, and in this marvelous anthology thirty-one of the South's finest writers—writers like Kaye Gibbons and Reynolds Price, Eudora Welty and Harry Crews, Richard Wright and Dorothy Allison—make their intensely personal contributions to a vibrant collective picture of southern life. In the hands of these superb artists, the South's rich tradition of storytelling is brilliantly revealed. Whether slave or master, intellectual or "redneck," each voice in this moving and unforgettable collection is proof that southern literature richly deserves its reputation for irreverent humor, exquisite language, a feeling for place, and an undying, often heartbreaking sense of the past.

Reader's Thoughts


I'm a southern woman.This is a book of southern writers writing about their lives.I love southern writers.You do the math.

Thomas Cook

This book of excerpts from the lives of famous southern writers, lent to me by a friend, intrigued me because of my interest in the lives of writers. Some of the excerpts, Maya Angelou's, Larry Brown's, Harry Crews's, Zora Neale Hurston's, Eudora Welty's, I found not only captivating but also beautifully written. Others, and there were quite a few, I found stodgy, the language too outdated to keep from boring me. Still, it's a worth a read for the gems I've named.

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