Spell of Apocalypse (Dance of the Gods, #4)

ISBN: 0886776023
ISBN 13: 9780886776022
By: Mayer Alan Brenner

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About this book

Will Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable give magic to the masses? Will the Creeping Sword find out who he really is? Will the warring factions of the gods come to their senses before all is lost? Mayer Alan Brenner masterfully pulls all the loose ends together in this fireworks-loaded finale, fourth in The Dance of Gods series.

Reader's Thoughts


Didn't read the others. Never understood quite what was happening. Still, a fun ole time!


The last of the Mayer Alan Brenner books. They were on feedbooks.com and I had to download them to read on the kindle. I read them years ago and thought they were ok. Now that I'm a bit older and wiser, they are still just ok. Guess I was pretty smart all those years ago.

Michael Mcdougall

Solid, slightly tongue in cheek fantasy adventure.


Would you like to know the deep, dark secret of this series? The secret is, all the magic is actually run by nanobots which read the user's intentions and then reshape the world accordingly.Except that really doesn't make any sense, y'know? All that stuff they went through, about gods and coupling and energy conversion and the "second quantum level" and the constant need for energy? Since when do you need nanobots to access the "second quantum level"?

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